Ontario Grocery Rebate Going Out in February, 24? Amount, Payment Dates and Eligibility

Check the details about the Ontario Grocery Rebate Coming in February? Check Amount, Payment Dates and Who Qualifies? Here. The Ontario rebate is part of the Central Government’s grocery rebate. The citizens are expecting that the rebate will impact them positively. We have shared all the details about the Ontario Grocery Rebate Coming in February in this article.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Coming in February?

With the increase in the inflation rate in the country, the food margin is also expected to be increased. The authorities are estimating that the food service taxes will be increased by 7 per cent. With these increases, the prices of grocery and other food services might boost their consumer price index.

There are around 11 million families in Ontario with moderate incomes. These families will be affected by the increase in the tax credits. To provide financial assistance to these families, the government of Ontario has decided to release the one-time payment. The amount will be provided under the Ontario Grocery Rebate. The margin of the deposit will depend upon the financial stability and the expenditure of each individual. Scroll down to know more about the Ontario Grocery Rebate Coming in February.

What is Ontario Grocery Rebate?

During the decision of the bills in the council, the authorities of the parliament had decided to implement a new benefit plan to help the citizens receive basic groceries. This was installed to reduce poverty in the country. The Canada Grocery Rebate was implemented, where the eligible candidate will be receiving a one-time payment. The amount will be deposited to their “My Account”.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Coming

The Ontario grocery rebate is the part of Canada Grocery rebate. The families will receive additional support for the fields with more than 4 members in the families. Under the grocery rebate, the individuals will be receiving the specified amount.

The tax returns paid by the household will also be considered while calculating the rebate. As we know, the food tax credit is to be increased by 7 per cent in the near future, and the food expenditure for a family will be increased by $1500 per month. The rebate is implemented to recover from this loss.

Check Amount For Ontario Grocery Rebate

The amount for the debate will be discrete for each individual. The basic amount for the rebate is $225 to $628. Families with more than 4 members will be receiving the additional supplementary. The list of the payments for each category is discussed in the table below


Rebate Amount


USD 234

Married couple

USD 306

Couple with one kid

USD 387

Family with two children

USD 467

Family with three children

USD 548

Family with four children

USD 628

Retired couple

USD 255

The single parent will be receiving the amount based on the children under their care. The divorced indulges with the shared custody will receive the amount of the rebate based on the time the child is spending with them.

If the annual income of the household increases the limit of $39825, there will be a reduction in the rebate amount. The amount of the rebate is generally double the tax credits of GST/HST.

Payment Dates for Ontario Grocery Rebate

The program was initiated in July 2023. It was estimated that the procedure to receive the amount would be scheduled shortly. With the beginning of the new year, Canadians have received the good news that the procedure for the grocery rebate will be fast-forwarded, and the application filling process will begin from the month of February.

There are certain doubts about the rebates in the minds of the beneficiaries. They are confused about whether they will be receiving the amount or not. We will be sharing the complete schedule of the rebate once the office has cleared all the doubts regarding the amount.

Who Qualifies For Ontario Grocery Rebate?

As considered with the other government rebates, the food rebate also needs certain criteria to be followed to receive the amount. The basic categories are discussed in the below section

  • The applicants need not apply for the rebate through any links. If they are eligible to receive the amount under the CRA benefits, they can receive the paychecks.
  • The claimants receiving the GST/HST benefit are directly b eligible for the rebate amount.
  • The candidates should have the “My Account” to be eligible to receive the amount.
  • The household should process all their pending tax returns before releasing the rebate.
  • The net income of the families should be less than $39835 to be part of the rebate.

As we know, the Grocery rebate is a one-time payment, the interested candidates are advised to check their “ My Account” daily in order to avoid missing any latest updates.

Who is not eligible to receive the rebate?

The applicants have the pending tax returns of the previous year. The individuals who have been in prison for more than ninety days of the trial period. The applicants who are working as government officials in the council are not eligible to receive the rebate.


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