In this article, you will know about the What is Grocery Rebate in Canada: All We Know About the Bill, Payment Dates, Eligibility. The Federal Government of Canada is going to deliver the Grocery Rebate benefits to Canadians to help them deal with the rising food prices. This is a federal rebate benefit in which benefits are granted to the Canadian taxpayer as their income tax credit. The Canada Revenue Agency will be offering this assistance to help lower-income Canadians. To know more about the What is Grocery Rebate in Canada, its payment date, eligibility, and more, continue browsing this article.

What is Grocery Rebate in Canada

The Canadian Government has created a new, fresh initiative called a Grocery Rebate. This rebate is a federal program that provides financial support to individuals and their families with low incomes. This is a single-time payment that is made by the Canada Revenue Agency on the bases of the specific eligibility criteria. The rebate amount depends on the individual income, family situation, and adjusted gross income.

The Grocery Rebate in Canada is made with the intent to offer an additional sum of financial assistance to Canadians. The rebate benefits are provided to help Canadians overcome the rising cost of groceries. Due to the rising inflation and higher grocery items, the Federal Government has decided to deliver Grocery rebate benefits to lower-income Canadian taxpayers. The eligibility recipient is offered the rebate benefits according to their household size.

Grocery Rebate Eligibility 2024

As per the other Federal Government programs, the Grocery Rebate in Canada is also subjected to certain specific eligibility conditions. To obtain the rebate benefits individual has to come under the following eligibility criteria that includes:

  • The recipient must file their income tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Needs to be of age 19 years and must meet the income requirements.
  • The single Canadians have to make at least 45K CAD annually.

Grocery Rebate in Canada

  • The couple and joint filer’s income needs to be under 65K CAD.
  • The taxation return has to be filed in order to be eligible for the Grocery Rebate Canada.
  • The recipients who are getting their GST/HST credits will be automatically eligiblity for the rebate benefits.

To receive the rebate, Canadians have to file their taxation return and come under the federal tax bracket. The eligible recipients will be directly granted the rebate assistance after filing out their GST/HST.

Grocery Rebate Payment Dates

The Canada Revenue Agency delivered its last Grocery Rebate on 5 Jul 2023. This is a single-time assistance payment that is granted after filing the income tax return. For the year 2024, the CRA is expected to offer the rebate benefits in the monthly of Jul 2024.

The eligible recipient is required to have a total GST/HST credit of 50 CAD per quarter. The beneficiaries will be getting the rebate amount on the basis of their tax return, and for 2024 the amount will be offered as follows

  • Individuals with no child will receive 234 CAD.
  • The couples with no child will receives 306 CAD.
  • The individuals and couples with one child will receive 387 CAD.
  • Individuals and couples with two children will receive 467 CAD.
  • Individuals and couples with three children will receive 548 CAD.
  • Individuals and couples with four children will receive 628 CAD
  • Seniors will be granted 255 CAD.

The payment dates have to be out by CRA, but the beneficiaries of the Grocery Rebate in Canada will be granted the following sum of assistance.

All We Know About the Bill

The Federal Government of Canada is offering this rebate bill as a single-time payment with the intent to help the Canadians with rising cost of food due to inflation. These rebate bills are equal to double the goods and service tax credit amount.

The Grocery Rebate in Canada is offered to lower-income taxpayers who make and have a limited source of income and assistance. With the help of these rebate benefits, the eligible recipient will be able to handle their cost of living and help them manage their food expenses and other federal expenses.

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