Grandma’s Boy Returns in New Animated Short

Grandma’s boy The creator, co-writer and star has been animated in a new clip shared online by Alan Gupta. Released in 2006, Grandma’s boy Directed and directed by Nicholas Goosen was written by Barry Wernick and Nick Swardson. It follows a video game tester and Total Pothed (Secret) who lives with his grandmother (Doris Roberts) after being evicted from his home. It did not fire at the box office upon release, but it is a film that has followed a cult following over the years.

on Monday, Alan secret Posted a video on his Instagram account featuring the return of his character Alex. An animated short, the clip is just under two minutes long. Of course, it shows Alex drinking cannabis with his pot dealer Dante, played by Peter Dante in the film. Drunken, the two interact with Dante’s new Alexa, even sharing a joint with an electronic device somehow. Moments later, the two are interrupted by actor Willem Dafoe, who apparently arrives at Dante looking for grass.

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“We got bored during the lockdown and did it. Check it out, ”Gupta wrote in the caption. Some fans make it clear in the comments that they want to see this lead in full Grandma’s boy Animated series. Sadly, the Titanic grandmother would need a new voice actress if this were to happen, as Doris Roberts died in 2016. The original film, along with Gupt, Dante and Roberts, also starred Linda Cardellini, Shirley Jones, Shirley Knight. Nick Swardson, Kevin Neillon, Jonah Hill, David Spade and Rob Schneider.

Regarding how the film was made, Gupta previously stated in the Reddit Q&A: “I had an idea based on spending some time with my grandmother in a small condo. Barry Wernick and I did the first few drafts and Then Swardson came on board. We got level one to finance it and Fox agreed to deliver. Then we added Dante and a monkey and everything went well. “

“I had to live in a small condo with my grandmother for two months,” Gupta told another fan, stressing how these real-life events affected the film. “She didn’t know I had tattoos so I always hid them from her. She also saw Food Network and Antiques Roadshow Nonstop. She used to sit very close to the TV and took it in full quantity. The food he decided was also crazy. Swardy and I will take credit for all the fun things together. “

For better or worse, there is no sign at the moment that anything else is coming. Grandma’s boy Universe beyond this new animated short released by The Secret. It appears to be working on a large number of animated programs coming with various streaming services, now perhaps there is a better time than ever to do something like this Grandmother’s Boy: Animated Series Indeed it will, but time will tell if it happens. New animated Grandma’s boy Short comes to us from Alan Covert on Instagram.

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