The 9 Biggest Jaw-Droppers at the 2021 Grammys

Typically, the camera is indicated On Celebrity on the red carpet But the Grammy Awards in 2021, Jack entoff Originally stated, “two people can play this game.”

The bizarre music producer should be taken home for the Album of the Year award Taylor SwiftOf folk literature. But before that historic victory, he decided to snap some pictures of himself on the graham red carpet.

He posed with girlfriend Carlotta Kohl On the carpet, before the photographers asked for a few solo shots. Carloto stepped in, joining Jack’s musical collaborator, Aaron Dassner, and his wife, Stein Wengler, out of sight.

Weirdly, Jack suddenly took out his own mini-film camera, which practically looked like the ones we had in middle school. He aimed the lens at Carlotta and gave a quick look at the couple – without even looking!

Needless to say, the jerking and mem-able moment blew up.

By Jothi Venkat

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