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Grado has a new pair of his signature headphones on the way, and between pricing, hemp-infused wooden bodies and pot leaf insignia, it’s clear that he’s got his eye on a particular customer.

The Brooklyn-based audio brand known for their rich, open-air sound has a very established lineup at this point, but over the years they have been playing more with limited editions that feature a variety of wood and composites. Use audio components. Hemp headphones have a combination of a swirly, psychedelic body of maple wood and “highly compressed hemp”, the company says.

Ganja headphones are primarily new at a glance, though Grado likes to talk about how different materials use, which means there can be significant subtle differences in the sound profile of each release, something that his The limited edition product line makes it fun to use. . Still, nothing really new on the technical side.

Last year, the company worked in wireless technology with the GW100, a fairly cloiste attempt to bring Bluetooth to its on-year headphone line. Although Grado has played with more mainstream efforts like the GW100 and its in-ear headphone line, the company’s most influential efforts have always catered to their die-hard fans who are at home with XLR or phono output with Bluetooth Is more likely to occur.

The Grado headphones are a taste with a built-in flavor that is largely relentless in its lack of comfort and a design that accompanies the larger trend in today’s over-year and on-year headphones: noise cancellation. Open-air cans can make a lot of noise and allow them to get out as much as possible, this will not make them a great choice for the office and make it a habit to keep headphones in a tight listening area in the house. In the midst of quarantine, listening at home however has become a bit more inclusive than a place.

Gredo’s Hemp headphones are available for pre-order today … retailing for $ 420.

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