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Google’s New Fundo App Lets Online Creators Host Paid Events

Fundo is a new Google app that lets YouTube creators and other influencers easily set up virtual experiences and events for their fans.

The app, which came out of Region 120 (Google’s in-house incubator for experimental projects), has been in beta for the past year, but this week the company has opened it to everyone in the US and Canada, with more locations coming soon Huh .

The objective of Fundo is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy for creators to set up and manage virtual events, which can be a tricky process if the tickets occur.

The application includes features for such things as scheduling, sign-up, payment processing, communication and livestreaming. The event host can manage the entire process within the Fundo platform, requiring no app or additional software download.

“With funds, everything is live and interactive, using face-to-face video chat to deal with in-invoices, all using your computer or phone from the comfort of home or on the go . ” John Gregg, Fundo General Manager, stated in the post that it announced the app’s wide availability.

“Fundo gives creators new monetization options that they do. Event hosts are in control of ticket prices and any discounts, if preferred events are also included. Some producers using YouTube channel subscriptions offer fundo meats and lanes exclusively to channel members as a premium perk. “

Greg also states that many aspects of life have gone online and become virtual due to the coronovirus epidemic. As a result, it is not only YouTube creators who have been using Fundo to engage with their followers, but also among writers, fitness trainers and lifestyle consultants.

As all creators have their own unique style and attract a wide variety of audiences, Fundo designed Bee to offer a range of experiences that can be tailored to fit. Also, the service allows creators to schedule an event in advance, or let fans request a time, a one-to-one or group meeting with both is possible.

Fans can browse events in various categories through the Fundo homepage or through the information they follow.

Greg states that “security is a top priority” and includes flagging features. There is a way to check the ticket of everyone in the service, so that “there is no danger of the uninvited guest.”

Something else to note: Google cuts 20% of the money generated through the platform.

If you are interested in some upcoming events on Fundo, click here. There is also a page for creators eager to learn more about the service.

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