Google will pay publishers for some news content

Google will pay publishers for some news content


Angela Lang / CNET

Google is launching a licensing program to pay publishers for certain content. Inventor said on Thursday that it would pay publishers for “high-quality content” for a news feature that would launch later this year.

“A vibrant news industry matters – perhaps now more than ever, as people seek out the information they can count in the midst of the global epidemic and growing concerns about racial injustice around the world”, Brad Bender , Google’s vice president of product management, said in a release on Thursday.

The search giant said that the licensing program would also pay for free access to some paid articles on a publisher’s site. By letting readers view these articles, publishers have an opportunity to develop their audience, Google said.

The licensing program will launch on Google News and Discover with publishers from Germany, Australia and Brazil and soon expand to more countries, Google said.

Google has partnered with publishers in the past to make it easier for readers to find news content. In 2019, the search giant teamed up with publishers to bring personalized audio news feeds to Google Assistant. Google also created its news initiative in 2018 with a commitment of $ 300 million to help news publishers.

Publishers have worked on platforms such as Google and Facebook for years, complaining that tech giants distribute their content, but underestimated their advertising model. A study by The News Media Alliance found that Google generated $ 4.7 billion in revenue from content by news publishers in 2018.

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