Google Will Be Adding Six Great Features to Android

Google is bringing many additional features to Android, and you don’t have to wait for Android 12 to get them. The company announced several features in the Android system, with six major updates, so there’s something here for everyone.

New features are now available, however, they are coming as separate app updates or as part of Android updates, so you may get some before others.

First is Google’s new password checkup feature on Android. Android can already enter the line later to store your passwords more easily, and associate those passwords with those you store in Chrome. Now, like Chrome, Android will tell you if any of your passwords have been exposed as part of the data breech. And, it will check the new password against a list of known compromised passwords, and alert you so that you can use a different password instead. This feature will come with Android 9 or newer on Android phones. Most of us have.

Another new feature can help you be a little more productive with your messages. Now, when you use Google’s own messaging app, you can write a message and schedule it to send later. For example, this is true for different time zones of friends and family. To use this feature you will need the latest version of Google Messages, and the update will come from the Google Play Store.

The third feature is an update to TalkBack, designed for people with visual impairment. This new version of TalkBack is designed to enable a complete phone experience without the need to see on the phone screen. Included in the app is a new reading control menu, and the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Next up is an update to Google Assistant designed to help users do more work on their phones using only their voice. Now, Google Assistant will show the card on your lock screen which can be used when read at a glance. You can turn this feature on by going to the Assistant settings and turning on the lock screen personal result.

Fifth is a new toggle in Google Maps that allows users to turn dark themes on or off whenever they want. Maps already match Android’s Dark theme, but now you can turn on “Always in Dark Theme” or “Always in Light Theme” by going to Maps settings. This feature is ending in the latest version of Google Maps.

Last but not least is an update to Android Auto that can make your drive a little more enjoyable. Now, you can ask Google to play the game like a threat, using only your voice. Google is also adding shortcuts to Android Auto lock screen, allowing you to quickly make contact calls or adjust the thermostat remotely. And for larger-screen cars, as there are many today, a new interface paradigm will show a live map with media controls, replacing a lower bar’s current system for control (and possibly near the latest Apple CarPlay interface Closely). This feature is running for Android 6 or later phones running Android Auto.

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