Google to Eventually Drop Duo, Integrate Features to Meet

Google is reportedly planning to replace Du Suite with Me, in a new direction led by G Suite chief Javier Soltero.

Soltero, who told staff that it makes no sense for the two apps to co-exist, has decided to retain Meat as Google’s only video calling service, 9to5Google reported. Sources said it came as a surprise to the team behind the Duo, which was announced since I / O 2016 with the closed chat app Elo.

Duo and Meat’s plan is being described internally as a merged codeine duet, which combines two app names. According to sources, the Duo will be gone by the end of the merge, but many of its key features will be added to the meat before that happens. These features include contacting people for video calls through end-to-end encryption, phone numbers, and 3D effects.

The Duo won’t end any time soon, though sources told 9to5Google that it could take two years.

has reached out to Google to confirm plans for a more specific timeline to replace the Duo with Meat. We will update this article as soon as we hear back.

Google challenges zoom

In May, Google completed a rollout of the free version of Meat, previously only available to its G Suite enterprise customers. Meet, which saw the growing popularity of videoconferencing due to the COVID-19 epidemic, launched as a legitimate challenge to zoom.

Milo, which allows up to 100 people to chat at a time, is integrated into the Gmail interface.

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