Google search celebrates landing of NASA’s Perseverance on Mars

Google search celebrates landing of NASA's Perseverance on Mars

Google celebrated landing strongly in Mars.


If you’re searching for news about perseverance, NASA’s latest Mars rover, Google has a treat to help you celebrate Successful landing of rover on red planet.

A ton of mobile labs made a slow descent on an ancient lake bed on Mars on Thursday afternoon, describing an episode in the mission as “seven minutes of terror” because a lot of things could go wrong that derailed the mission. Will take it off. The Jezero crater, once covered with water, is believed to represent a site where evidence of life can be found.

The mission marked the beginning of a new era in the search for Mars, and to celebrate the successful touchdown, Google switched off fireworks, on its search engine. A simple search for persistence will launch an Easter egg of virtual pyrotechnics on your search results page.

While the Perseverance mission is scheduled to last for one Mars year – the equivalent of about 687 Earth days – there’s someone saying how long Google’s celebration will be around, so when we can really knock our socks off there is something to wait for See the show for

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