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Google announced its I / O plan, Facebook tests an audio Q&A feature, and Patrion performs its evaluation of all three. This is your daily crunch for April 7, 2021.

Big story: Google I / O will be back almost next month

Google canceled its massive developer conference during the pandemic last year. This year, the show will return in virtual form from May 18 to May 20. It will be free and open to all.

Google is leading companies such as Apple (which is holding virtual WWDC in June) and Microsoft (which will conduct a virtual build from May 25 to 27).

Tech giants

Facebook tests Hotline, a Q&A product that is a mashup of the club house and Instagram Live – unlike the club house, producers can choose to turn on their cameras for the event rather than just having audio.

Twitch expands its rules against hate and abuse to include behavior from the stage – the news comes as the twitch continues with reports of abusive behavior and sexual harassment both on stage and within the company.

E-bikes and earbuds – VanMoof’s S3 and X3 e-bikes among the first third-party hardware to support Apple’s Find My Tracking, will sport tracking tracking, as well as the “Apple Find With My” logo below the crossbar Will find .

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Patrion rated $ 4 billion in new raises – this was in a $ 155 million funding round led by Tiger Global.

Plaid raised $ 425M Series D from Altimeter as it reflected the future of Visa – after its $ 5.3 billion sale in January, Visa collapsed, making it clear that Plaid would build its own future.

Authentic artists are producing virtual, AI-driven musicians – these musicians will perform their own music, initially in twitch, and can respond to audience requests.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

How to Kick the 10 Worst Startup Habits with Fuel Capital’s Lia Solivan – Solivan has ample experience on both sides of the fence, as he founded TaskRabbit and led the exit through an acquisition by IKEA in 2017 did.

What and what not to do with Bounty Bounty’s programs with Katy Mouseouris – in a hurry to launch, cyberspace doesn’t always get the attention it wants, and yet that’s one of the first things a startup can do. May be wrong.

Prior to his role at Zoom, Azas built RingPentral’s North American sales organization from the ground up – building and leading an early-stage sales team with Zoom CR Ryan Azas.

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Everything else

Say hello to ClearTips’s latest podcast: Mila – The equity team sits with the host of ClearTips’s new podcast Found.

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