Google I/O 2021: Here’s How To Watch the Day One Keynote

With Google I / O in less than a day, the anticipation is reaching its peak. The Developers Conference will feature a lot of news for Google and Android users about new phones, upgrades to Android OS, and even new Google Assistant-powered smart home devices.

This is Google’s first major event of 2021, and the first Google I / O since 2019. Last year’s program was canceled due to an epidemic. The good news is that this means that the all-online Google I / O 2021 is open to anyone who wants to participate in it.

How to View Google I / O 2021 Day 1 Key Comment

Google will stream the main event via YouTube on May 14 at 12:40 pm. If you want to watch, you’ll have to tune into the channel at the time to catch the keynote speaker and the opening of the show, which will feature a performance from Tune-Yard and Blob Opera.

Virtual events have been in operation with all major companies since last year. While this removes some of the networking attendees that are expected, it makes conferences more readily available to audiences around the world.

What to expect in Google I / O 2021

Google I / O is usually a developer conference where Google shows its latest updates and changes. The first day will be the main event, when Google drops major announcements about upcoming products. If there is going to be a big announcement about a new Pixel phone or a new smart home device, it will be during the keynote.

So what can you expect? If rumors are to be believed, Google may drop news about the Pixel 6, the new Google Assistant and Nest hardware, and possibly a new Chromecast. There is also a strong possibility that information about the latest Android updates will be available.

We have the writing of all the rumors here. If you missed the conference, check back later on this page to see everything Google announced as the keynote speaker.

As the keynote speaker, you can participate in various breakout sessions. The first day will include what’s new in Android, what’s new in Google Pay and what’s new for the web platform. A full schedule can be accessed through Google IO’s website.

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