Google fires top AI ethics researcher Margaret Mitchell – ClearTips

Google fires top AI ethics researcher Margaret Mitchell – TechCrunch

Google has fired Margaret Mitchell, founder and former co-lead of the company’s ethical AI team. Michelle announced the news Via a tweet.

Google confirmed Mitchell’s firing in a ClearTips statement; Google said:

After reviewing this manager’s conduct, we confirmed that there were several violations of our code of conduct as well as our security policies, including the exclusion of confidential business-sensitive documents and personal data of other employees.

According to Axios, Drs. Google revoked corporate access from AI ethicist Margaret Mitchell to use automated scripts to find instances of Timnit Gabru’s misconduct. Gabru says that he was fired from Google while Google said that he has resigned.

Earlier this month, Michelle Published The day he said he sent to Google’s press team the day his corporate email access was cut. The email talked about Gabru’s firing and it appeared that “Casteism and sexism stuck with the same premise that our AI system, when it falls into the wrong hands.

Mitchell’s letter, which you can read here in full, details the various ideas and structures in the play that led to Dr. Gabru departs from Google. Mitchell argues that what happened to Gabru “stems from the same lack of foresight that is at the core of modern technology, and is therefore an example of the problem.”

Michelle says:

The firing seems to have been carried out by the same grounds of racism and sexism that soak up our AI systems, when in the wrong hands. Dr. How Gabru was fired is not good, what is said about it is not right, and the atmosphere leading to it was – and is – not right. Every moment where Jeff Dean and Megan Kacholia do not take responsibility for their actions Another moment where the company stands completely silent as if intentionally sending terrible messages that Drs. Gabru is entitled to be treated as such. She is believed to be inferior to her peers. Carried as irrational (and worse). His research writing is publicly defined below the bar. His scholarship was publicly declared inadequate. For the record: Dr. Gabru has been treated completely unfairly, with intense humiliation, and he deserves forgiveness.

The paper went on to discuss the ethical artificial intelligence approach to developing technology, how Michelle came to lead and then lead the ethical AI team with Gabru and what ultimately happened. Within the next year, Michelle said she wanted “one of us in a position of privilege and power” to devalue one of the world’s leading scientists with the inconvenience of being part of an unjust system, and some of this Keep in kind ”is happening again sometime. “

Google by Dr. Shortly after Marion Crack’s appointment was announced, Mitchell’s firing began. When we reached Google yesterday, the company had no comment on Mitchell’s fate.

According to Axios, earlier today, Google announced the results of its investigation into Gabru’s exit internally. The company did not say what it received, but said it would implement some new policies on Google to increase diversity and inclusion.

ClearTips has reached out to Michelle and will update this story if we hear back.

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