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Golden is announcing that it has raised $ 14.5 million in Series A funding. The round was led by previous investor Andreessen Horowitz, with the firm’s co-founder Mark Andreessen joining the startup’s board of directors.

When Golden was launched last year, founder and CEO Jude Gomilla told me that his goal was to build a knowledge base focused on areas where Wikipedia’s coverage is often spotty, especially emerging technology and startups.

Gomilla told me this week that “companies, technologies and the people involved in them” are Golden’s strengths. In that sense, you can see it as a competitor to Crunchbase, but instead of placing too much emphasis on clarification and “clustering” information on big topics like quantum computing and COVID-19, only major about companies and people Instead of collecting data. (By the way, ClearTips and the author of this post have their own profile pages, although the latter is empty.)

Unlike Wikipedia, which relies on community editors, Gomilla stated that most of the data at Golden has been gathered using artificial intelligence and natural language processing: “We use AI to extract news information from websites from public databases are doing.

It is complemented by the Golden Staff (former ClearTips copy editor Holden Page leads the startup’s research team), while the larger community also pitches by marking things that are wrong or that need updating. (As an example of this “human in the loop”, Gomilla showed me a tool where someone could paste an article into a link and Golden would automatically summarize it.)

“The ultimate objective is to try and automate as much as possible,” Gomilla said. “[For now,] This hybrid is the most effective method. “

Golden has started working with paying clients, including private equity firms, hedge funds, VCs, biotechnology companies, corporate innovation offices and government agencies – in fact, it says that it has spent the year with the US Air Force Contracted for $ 1 million. These customers are paying for access to Golden’s research engine, which includes the company’s query tool and the ability to request that the startup produce research on a particular topic.

Golden has now raised a total of $ 19.5 million. Other investors in the new funding include DCVC, Harpoon Ventures and Gigafund.

“Golden’s knowledge base and research engine collects information about emerging technologies and the companies, investors and builders behind them,” Andreessen said in a statement. “Human and machine intelligence, working together on the Golden Platform, is the result of knowledge that gives people an edge in decision making and reducing uncertainty.”

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