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Despite companies’ efforts to create a similar environment, it is clear that employees of a certain demographic, like black women, sometimes have very different experiences from their counterparts. Glassdoor aims to give those experiences a better surface through a new feature that allows people to filter ratings by demographics.

Until now, Glassdoor had only presented an overall ranking for a specific company, so there was no way to easily determine, for example, whether black women feel the same as white men, or if Latino men are Asian. Feel similar to men. In addition to race, Glassdoor now allows people to filter by gender identity, parent or carer status, disability, sexual orientation, and veteran status.

According to new preliminary research by Glassdoor, Black employees are less satisfied at work than all employees. The research is based on more than 187,000 employees from over 3,300 companies who have provided demographic data.

Image Credit: Glass doors

The same research showed that Apple had the highest overall company rating among Black employees, with an average rating of 4.2 out of five. Apple’s overall company rating is 3.9 by that sample size.

Glass data data scientist Amanda Stansel and chief economist Andrew Chamberlain said in the report, “Because these data are so new – have only been collected within the last four months, urging them to make broad claims based on initial data.” ” “The averages we mentioned above are not derived from representative probability samples of the company workforce – they represent data anonymously shared by Glassdoor users at this time. So readers are asked about race conditions and employee satisfaction. In deciding, little care should be taken in making detailed conclusions of the company. “

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