Give your PC the speaker system it deserves: The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX for $100

Give your PC the speaker system it deserves: The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX for $100


Forget the headphones; Give your desktop or laptop a serious audio upgrade.


Laptops, desktops, chromebooks – whatever computer setup you’ve got at home, it’s time for a serious audio upgrade. For a limited time, and while making final supplies, Costco has Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Computer Speaker for $ 99.99. It’s $ 40 off the regular price and I’m looking anywhere (including Amazon).

Klips Promedia 2.1 has been around forever; It is widely regarded as an all-time great computer speaker setup. And with good reason: It cranks out 200 watts of THX-certified audio goodness through its subwoofer and two satellites.

So if your computer is also the place where you play games, watch movies, listen to music, and so on, something like this will offer huge improvements over any built-in speaker you are using.

Needless to say, to avail this offer you will need a Costco membership. Unfortunately, that membership Groupon deal expired a few weeks ago. Maybe you find a friend to help you shop?

Anyway, you’ll need a standard 3.5mm headphone or audio-out jack; ProMedia cannot run USB. A quiet perk, though: One of the satellites includes both headphones and a line-out jack, should the need arise.

Your thoughts?

This bottle uses UV light to purify your water, and is on sale for $ 49 (save 30%)

steliron-uv sterilizer-water bottle

UV light to win water!


We know that UV light can destroy harmful germs on our phones, but did you know that it works on water too? It is a promise anyway, as it has been in this recent period Self cleaning water bottles. An explosion of UV light disinfects not only H2O, but also inside the bottle.

has an interest in? Here is another economical option I’ve seen anywhere: for a limited time, and while supplies last, Galvanox Stelliron UV Sterilizer Water Bottle Drops at $ 48.99 With promo code A93SB6HR. This is 30% off the regular price.

I am the first to know very little about this product category, and this particular product is so new that it has zero user reviews. I can tell you that it has two cleaning modes (“fast” and “full length”) and a light cap that is good for 40 uses on one charge. Read the roundup above for some great information about the way these bottles work and why you want them like this.

Having recently participated in a lot of History Channel’s Alone series, I definitely want an easy, effective way to sterilize water. It is not that I am taking a dip in many streams of the forest, mind you, but you never know.

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