Gina Carano says she was ‘bullied’ by Disney

Gina Carano will no longer be in The Mandalorian or Star Wars projects

Gina Carano played the role of Cara Dunne in the first two seasons of Mandlaurian.

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Gina Cano has not kept quiet since Lucasfilm Having said She will not appear as Kara Dunne in future Mandorian or other upcoming Star Wars project seasons. The former MMA fighter has now claimed that, in his shootout, Disney and Lucasfilm “taunted” him.

“I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve seen quite a bit of bullying so far, and I’ve seen it before,” Carno said in a special episode of The Ben Shapiro Show this weekend. ” “I have never been bullied by this company, and I know that so deeply.

“I can share a story that will rotate things in the media but I can’t because it will sell to a friend. Everyone fears losing their job.”

Carano was reportedly warned by Disney and Lucasfilm about his controversial social media post Wearing masks amid the epidemic, Voter fraud During the 2020 presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement and Use of pronouns On social media bios.

But this is Carano’s now-deleted Instagram post, which, being a Republican, caused Lucasfilm to be released today due to being Jewish during the Holocaust Statement Saying that the studio will no longer employ the actress. Karano was also dropped by his talent agents at UTA.

Carano addressed the Instagram post and stated that she was “inspired by the gentle spirit of the Jewish people going through that time, adding”[w]Hen I posted that this was not something that I felt is controversial. This was something I thought, well, maybe we all need to ask ourselves how it happened.

“I’ve got every single big publication saying he’s comparing conservatives and Republicans and that’s exactly what I was doing … I love everyone. I’m not a hateful person.”

Carano said she knew that Disney officials were paying attention to the #FireGinaCarano movement that began last year, thanks to an email she accidentally sent to him.

“They accidentally sent me an email, which was very informative, so I knew. I knew they were paying attention. I know there were some people who went to bat for me, but I know they Did not live in the end., “Karano said.

In the lead up, Carano stated that she already felt she was being “head-hunted” by Disney and Lucasfilm.

“You know how boxers sometimes go head-hunting and forget to go for a body? It seems to me that Disney or Lucasfilm or whoever it is, just some people from that company … I think Is that I am being head-hunted, ”Carano said.

“And you can feel it. Just a few weeks ago, Lucasfilm asked an artist that they work to erase my character and put on a different character, and he proudly announces it on Twitter, and Erases my character and adds another character. Place.

“All of Cara Dunne’s fans were just annoyed. They were like, ‘Why didn’t you add the character? Why did you have to take the character off? Is something wrong? Is Gina getting fired?”

Fans had speculated that Kara Dunne would appear in the upcoming Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic series, though this was not confirmed.

Carano allegedly discovered his status with Star Wars on social media when Lucasfilm released his statement calling it “outrageous” and “unacceptable”. But she said she was “ready” to leave.

“I was ready to leave at any point, because I’ve seen this happen to many people,” Carano said. “I’ve seen marks on their faces. I’ve seen bullying, and so when it started, they pointed their guns at you, and you know it’s only a matter of time. I’ve seen that happen. For so many people, and I just thought for myself … ‘You are coming for me, I know you are.’

“They are making it very clear through their employees who were coming for me, and so I was like, ‘I’m going to be swinging and I’ll be true to myself.’

Lucasfilm released his statement to Carno said She is going to star in a new film with Shapiro’s The Daily Wire conservative news site.

Despite her ties with Star Wars, Karano said she would not go down “without a fuss”.

“It’s happening to someone else, especially to someone who can’t handle me that way, no, they don’t get to do that,” Carano said.

“They don’t get people to feel like that … and if I buckle up, it will make it okay for these companies, who have a history of lying, to lie and for others to do so To do, and they have done it with other people, and I’m not going down without a fight. “

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