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It turns out the election was not a vote (and removal), but a permanent ban on the former president’s Twitter from social networks. Suddenly the temperature cooled down, new administration followed with details of the vaccine rollout, and the second impeachment trial ended with an expected result. Twitter’s move was bipartisan in the absence of a trial.

Another big move by Twitter was the acquisition of Review, a sublet competitor we are growing into producing the Gilmour Gang newsletter. It has the tools to drag and drop articles from Twitter, Feedly, and other newsletters, but has the ability to reconstruct these chunks as writing develops. It is my bet that the newsletter container will absorb blogs, podcasts, and streaming into a restructured media platform for creators small and large.

Such organic process development develops with the newsletter model. It encourages more timely releases, and an editorial feel that quality over quantity rewards. As newspapers spread, the evaluation of time on volume becomes the most important. This is less an eyeball pattern than prioritizing what is not chosen or consumed with social recommendations. With the gang’s Frank Radis Nugel newspaper, the focus becomes less flowy and more empowered or resonant.

Daily commentary

I have decided to include the media exclusively in “The Radice Files”. There are a lot of general news aggregators out there, and I’m too tired for those stories. I hope you will stay with me.

Instead of non-stop Trump, the only political story in the revised Radis file is about how Fox News cut from House Manager video testimony for a comment on the futility of covering up violence, including those convicted There was a shortage of votes. This shadow dance takes place not only on Fox, but on other centrist or left networks such as CNN and MSNBC. What is interesting is not skew; The network has a subtle influence on the business model and media programming.

No wonder the impact of streaming is being felt in Silicon Valley, the latest unicorn from the clubhouse. Audio streaming podcast disruption is marketed as a FOMO inside the hallway conversation, with a Twitter social cloud viral onboard mechanism that digs deep into your contact list and never lets go. Big ticket items like Keenot-like conversations with Elon Musk have been overbooked from the first minute. I tried unsuccessfully to join this week’s follow-up with Mark Andreessen and his VC partner Ben Horowitz, but was sold at 5000 after 30 minutes.

But there is definitely some tugging on me as I get notifications of people joining and creating rooms on various Glitzy Valley topics. Lively feeling of snakebite and catch it as you can promise the possibility of lightning in a bottle, the sensation of history, not just being celebrated. Maybe just an illusion, but it reminds of the feeling we used to have when putting a record on a turntable and daring the artist to succeed. I still get a Mills-like blue résumé every time, the awe with which time is reconfigured at the atomic level.

People say that a club house can easily go for 1 to 5 hours. I think the RSS was killed by the red unread mark indicator. Comes important Perhaps, if my college research shows. But there is a more significant ROI than length, and this is where the clubhouse impacts with the news house moment. The ingredients of both are intuition, substitutes, organic breadcrumb traces and payloads.


Does this notification fit with this pattern that I am trying to understand the moment. I like movies like Citizen Kane and North by Northwest for Mrigrishna, which they create by the biologically innate DNA of a universe. Sometimes we call it fate, at other times dumb luck, but always the best of phrases: it is what it is. Only this time there is arrogance: this is what is going to happen. And if something happens, yes, I knew it. Not specifically, but given the mood in which the planet is, it can happen.

In a newspaper: The game is not for reading everything, but only in what and when and in what order. The award is the analytics that rewards the reader with more baggage, and the publisher in the clubhouse with validation of the effect of combining options (citations) and references (writing), what is happening in the room and what-when address Its going on. Bail? For me this is avoiding the inevitability of the point being made in the podcast, or the filter of the business model of what I am going to do next. If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press. It is possible…


There are a bunch of likes: room choice, people, investment of time, moments of throwing good money after bad. Working, cable news, family fun, playing hooky on sleep. The clubhouse allows you to appear in public, a broadcast @mention that does not give you the option to lurk. But the closest thing you can do to multitasking is: doing dishes, playing with the dog, monitoring. Cable news with sound off, DJ-ing for a private room, driving, etc. This new radio is a pandemic. Wherever you go, you are still there.

Newsletters? People, reading time, research replacement, membership development, mode of payment (money, authority, trust), influence or eyeball. The game is trading current media for future rebundings, where new publishers, studios and artists are grown.

Breadcrumbs mark

These options form the breadcrumb trail, plowing under the old and throwing away the new. Newsletters are the major end of this refactoring, eliminating meme, models and markets for trends going viral. The analytics of open, email vs. web clicks and notification triage are contained for the most part in their signals. The harvesting of these breadcrumbs requires the impact of new material created in response to earlier data. Once you identify a valuable consumer, your actual work has begun.

First, you look for the signature of exclusion, the embedded essence of the experience that a certain combination of intuition and action rewards the detective. For her, this is new media: an information thriller that taps into deep reading, listening and sharing. Each catch phrase – round up the usual suspects, or we are not the droids you are searching for – represents the uber themes we yearn to navigate a terrible treacherous world. We are the diaries we are looking for, and these new meanings represent a possible parallel world where we can not only live but also value the value of our selection.

In films, it is called the plot. The clubhouse assumes that there is a story worth waiting for, where we gain power by sharing and decorating responses with clues, which part of the same elephant we are investigating. We know instinctively that we are not going to learn the business secrets, but have gold to retrieve from the participants as they share their sense of humor or lack thereof, when they join, their rhythm, hands. Pick up, succeed being invited on stage, when they leave, whether they boomerang, and only a little what they actually say. The price for this is your breadcrumbs.


As much as I have been integrated by the clubhouse, I have actually only joined twice or started a room. Once due to an accident, as I watched, clicking on the link realized who was who. I came to know. There was a Tecumm podcast by another podcaster and a conversation about Chris Messina of Hashtag fame. I could never go to the big A16Z attractions. Like Frank Radis’ newspaper pivot, I was primarily interested in the environment around Andreessen Horowitz’s media strategy. But this does not diminish the stagnant feeling that much is going on here.

The media is generally swallowing its pride in view of the political nightmare through which we are living. Information I say is not media, mainstream media or social media. People younger than me can argue the distinction, but I think the difference between the two is exaggerated, and more importantly, not an indication of what the value of these new media surges will be. More and more, that enough writing filters on Twitter, RSS (via Feedly), and aggregators like Nudel and Medium are key to the central issues we are struggling with. This includes traditional players such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Information and Tech Journals, as they combine newsletter techniques with their substantial resources.

We are seeing mediocre mergers, with consensus around value and weight being measured by new metrics. In television, it is the newfronts combining digital and linear TV; In music it is at the level of the song, not in the album. Streaming has shaken the old networks to their core, with horse racing between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and ABC, NBC and older CBS. M&A has swallowed Fox, Time Warner, FX and even an old studio Paramount. And radio? You might say that the usual suspects are Apple, Google, Amazon, and Spotify, but the clubhouse? Like Zoom, I think so. Twitter and Facebook have big fish to fry, but Apple Cars and Glass are the major platforms the clubhouse will play as we move from anywhere to reality autonomous work. Payload is the value, time management and information of the move for digital.

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