Gigi Hadid’s Latest Fashion Look Includes a Subtle Nod to Kobe Bryant

Gigi Hadid's Latest Fashion Look Includes a Subtle Nod to Kobe Bryant

Since becoming a mother, the California native has been more selective about what she shares online. While she has posted photos on the back of her pregnancy photos, she has kept a small special detail close to her home.

A source previously told E! News, “Gigi wants the most privacy for her child and wants to be able to raise her privately.”

At this time, the proud parents have not yet revealed their daughter’s name. In addition, they continue to hide their face in any photo uploaded on social media. However, Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, Almost forgot the memo!

On January 11, East Real housewives of beverly hills The star accidentally shared a picture of herself with her granddaughter on Instagram. The newborn’s face was, you guessed it, visible. Although the image was quickly removed, Yolanda later re-posted a second photo of her grandmother, but this time, her face was hidden.

“Bless my birthday ….. When I woke up this morning and counted all my blessings in life, this little angel was ranked # 1,” she wrote. “It’s a new feeling, I feel … a part of my heart I didn’t know.”

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