Gigi Hadid Sends Her “Zaddy” Zayn Malik a Sweet 28th Birthday Tribute

Gigi Hadid Shares Never-Before-Seen Pics of Baby Girl, Zayn and More

the former One direction Member family does not have only January baby! The supermodel’s mother celebrated her birthday yesterday.

“Celebrating Mama’s day tonight @ yolanda.hadid,” Gigi shared on Instagram on Monday, January 11. “The best mom and oma we can ever ask for. So blessed. I love you, thank you for getting everything. Good luck to you.”

Yolanda commented, “I love you baby, thanks for a beautiful dinner at home.”

Later that day, the former BravoLaberty took to her own Instagram page to reflect on her special day, while also insisting on being a grandmother.

In fact, she was so excited that she originally shared a picture of her granddaughter’s face, with both Gigi and Zain deliberately avoiding it. Yolanda quickly deleted her post and added a new image of herself and granddaughter.

“Bless my birthday …,” she wrote. “When I woke up this morning and counted all my blessings in life, this little angel was ranked # 1. It’s a completely new feeling, I feel …, a part of my heart I didn’t know … .. “

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