Giancarlo Esposito Is Miles Morales in Spider-Man Fan Art and He Loves It

Giancarlo Esposito is impressed with a new piece of fan art Breaking bed Star as an old Miles Morales. Posted on Twitter by digital artist Gryphon509, the painting was thought by the creator that Esposito would “read it” to see Spider-Man. although Spider man 3 Allegedly bringing all sorts of Spider-Men, there is no indication that Esposito will actually play the character, but the actor was still paused to see how he would look in the role.

Uploading the image, Esposito wrote on Twitter, “Wow! I never thought I would see myself as Spidey! This is a great concept and amazing piece of art. Thank you so much! Really it is very like!”

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A Marvel fan has also responded with the perfect story adaptation for this Giancarlo Esposito Taking it as a way of getting in Spider Man Movies. “You can play Miles in a movie,” the fan writes, including a photo of No. 1 The End: Miles Morales, A post-apocalyptic one-shot comic after an old Miles in Brooklyn. Of course, given the nature of Spider-Word, Esposito could theoretically play any alternate version of Spidey from another dimension. Who knows if we’ll ever see Esposito in red-and-blue tights, but there are plenty of ways to get him there.

Esposito fans are not new to seeing which role he can pursue. He has already established himself as a prolific actor playing an exceptionally villainous role, including an Emmy-nominated role as drug kingpin Gus Fringe Breaking bed And better call Saul. That too has been great Star wars Chain Mandalorian As the villainous Mof Gideon and on the superhero satire series The boys On Amazon Prime. A similar fan campaign has also called him to play the role of Mr. Freese in the standalone Batman Movies.

We may not see Esposito as a part of it, but the story of Miles Morales will continue on the big screen with the sequel Spider-Man: In Spider-Year. Released in 2018, hit animated film star Shamik Moore as Miles, although he is a teenager at the moment. Through a multiverse, Miles teams up with various iterations of Spidey to save New York City from the kingpin. Apart from grossing at the box office, the film was critically acclaimed and even won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

It looks like the third season of The Boys will begin later this month, so it may be a matter for Esposito to return to the role of Watt owner Stan Edgar. He will also feature prominently in the sixth and final seasons better call Saul One final for this year is known as Gus Fringe, although the actor has tried to pursue the character in another spinoff series. In any case, Esposito’s fans have a lot to look forward to, even though playing Spider-Man won’t be anytime soon for him. Esposito’s original fan art as Miles Morales was created by Gryphon509.

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