Get That Friday Glow Everyday With Summer Fridays Skincare

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Marianna Hewitt wants to give you that half-day glow every day on that Friday. So he started a skincare line with fellow influencer Lauren Gorse Ireland called Summer Friday. We had a chat with Marianna about her line, which is available in Sepora, as well as how she lived during the quarantine.

Why was it important for you to start your own skincare brand, Summer Friday?

[Lauren and I] Started working on it in 2016 and we really felt that when your skin looks and feels good, you feel more confident on your skin. And then if you are a makeup lover, all your products just work and look great when your skincare is good. Lauren was then pregnant at the time and was cleaning all of her ingredients from her skincare routine. Things you really shouldn’t put on your body and your skin. And so we came up with our clean stuff and why we use certain things. And this is the benchmark we have used for the rest of our products.

Did any of you have any background or any prior experience in skincare before starting it?
No, just as the affected. That’s why we say that we are educated consumers and we have tried and tested goods for years. So, what do we want to buy? What are we seeing as consumers, as shopkeepers, and what are we missing in our skincare routine?

What was your inspiration for branding?
When we thought of brand meaning, we wanted something that was a feeling. You really look forward to the feeling of that summer Friday. New York-based companies, they get a lot of summer holidays.

Talk to me about your current skincare, and has it changed since we entered quarantine?
Hence my current morning routine, I use all Summer Frieders products. I use our Super Amino Gel Cleanser after my CC M Serum for hyperpigmentation and dark spots. And then our jet lag mask as a moisturizer. I just apply it and really let it absorb into the skin. And then if I am going out that day I make sure to apply sunblock. My favorite is from Supergo! At night, I am doing the most. I love my night time routine. I use my cleanser and then depending on what’s happening with my skin, I’ll be using different serums and treatments. So if I’m going out, I’ll use a serum for that or if I’m targeting fine lines, I’ll peel one. I would just use the jet lag mask and then add it to the second layer and wear it overnight.

What else are you doing to give yourself self-care? I’m sure you’re obviously very busy during the day, like many others, what do you like to wind down?
In the morning, I’m really good about spending time for myself. So when I first get up, I meditate for only five minutes. My favorite app right now is Balance, and I found that it was a sign of the beginning of my day. So instead of just getting up from bed and doing a workout or jumping in my email, it allows me to sit for a few minutes and breathe and think. And this is something I’ve really harmonized during quarantine and I’ve tried to do it for most of the last two months. I think it really helps me to do this. And then I’m doing workouts at home and my favorites are under 30 minutes. So I like Melissa Wood Health very much. The Sculpture Society or Tone Up app and Sweat app are all tried in home workouts.

For those who are probably brand new and have not tried many products or don’t know much about skincare, what would you suggest they start with?
We have an “essential trio” and are a great entry point into the brand. It starts with our Super Amino Gel Cleanser, and then you will follow up with our CC Me Serum, which helps with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne scars and is actually hydrating as well. And then it has a jet log mask. So you can use Jet Lag Mask in the morning and night. If you really just get it from the brand, then this is a really easy, simple three step routine that you can use morning and night.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

Try Supergoop, a favorite of Marianna! Unseen sunscreen. This sunscreen promises to be a make-up grip and contains interesting ingredients such as meadowofam seeds, a complex derived from red algae and frankincense.

Summer friday jet lag mask

This face mask brings all the hydration you need for dry, dull skin.

Summer Friday CC Me Vitamin C Serum

If you want to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation, choose this serum. Its vitamin C works.

Summer Friday Lip Butter Balm

This vegetarian lip mask has a natural vanilla flavor. It moisturizes with Shea and Murumuru seed butter.

Summer friday overtime mask

Summer Friday began as a brand of three face masks, including this one. “Overtime masks are incredible if you want to smooth your skin, improve texture and erase dark spots,” says Mariana. “It really exfoliates your skin, but it also hydrates at the same time. Too many exfoliants are getting too dry.”

Summer friday super amino gel cleanser

Filled with 11 amino acids and a splash of mineral-rich seawater, this gentle cleanser is great for most skin types.

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