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Mark Hamill has confirmed that he has added some dialogues to A New Hope. The film kicked off Star wars The franchise, which has only evolved and developed since 1977. That being said, there are still a lot of questions about the first trilogy and Hamill is a great source of official information on social media. He often questions fans and clarifies rumors, providing entertainment.

A. earlier this week Star wars Fans found out about a bit of dialogue from Mark Hamill a new Hope. In the scene where Han Solo and Luke are wearing a Skywalker Stormtrooper suit, Luke can be heard saying, “I can’t see a thing in this helmet,” which wasn’t originally in George Lucas’ script. It is rumored that the actor came along the line on the spot, thinking that we are not moving cameras. Hamill had to say about the dialogue and its origins.

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“It wasn’t scripted, but I said it when I knew the cameras were moving. I knew it didn’t matter because I had a helmet and no one could see my face anyway. It’s all there. Liked, so George let me keep it. It gets in line later. #TrueStory “

While this is not the most attractive piece Star wars News, this will make for some good general knowledge for hardcore fans at some point down the line. Luke spends a lot of time in Skywalker a new Hope, And Stormtrooper Helmet were just one more thing to complain about, which helps to show the character’s story over time. When we get to Return of the JediThe character is illuminated and the Jedi is wise with wisdom, although he goes back to whitening in the latest trilogy.

Star wars Fans enjoy the original story arc for Luke Skywalker, although not happy with the many things that went down The last jedi And Rise of skywalker. Till here Mark hamill Has admitted that he was not happy with the way he worked for Ol ‘Luke, although he later retracted his comments. Whatever it is, movies are here for entertainment, which we can all use at this time. While Hamill is finished with Star wars Franchise, he is not used to engaging and entertaining fans.

for now, Mandalorian Is bringing Old school magic of star wars For fans. John Favreau has confirmed that a second season will arrive in time this fall, a major relief to many who were under the impression that it was going to be delayed. While Mark Hamill is not on the show, he is a huge fan and supports Baby Yoda and Mando on their adventures. You can see Mark Hamill’s Twitter response from the dialogue a new Hope up.

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