Genshin Impact 1.5: All Diona Hangout Quest Endings, Routes, and Answers

big Genshin effect The 1.5 update just added a bunch of new hangout quests, and Diona is one of them. As before Genshin effect Hangout EventQuest, the dialog options you choose during your quest will directly affect how many endings you will unlock. You are able to unlock them all for a bunch of cool rewards, though. So here are all the right steps to follow for each path and how to unlock every Diona Hangout event that ends.

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How to unlock diana hangout event quest in genshin impact

Before we can take the correct Diana Hangout answers in detail, here’s how to unlock the new quest. If you have not searched a Hangout event before, all you need to do is enter the Event tab via the tab in the Unlocking Quests screen from Paim or Radial Menu or the standard search list. From here, you can use the keys collected by completing daily commissions to unlock Hangout events for different types of characters.

For this, unlock the Diana Hangout event and you’ll be good to go. You can use this menu to resume the search from any previously opened subquest, so if you mess up the dialog options you won’t have to make your way back to the same point.

All Diona Hangout Event Endings and how to unlock them

There are a total of five endings to scout out at the Diana Hangout event: two involve making her own nonclogic drink with the young woman, who eventually helps her discover a drink that will stop the country from taking the goods , And two cute little (real) cats who call her the tavern.

How you achieve each depends on the dialogue choices you make as the long search proceeds. Once you unlock one, you are free to repeat the search as many times as you want to uncover all the secret endings, and we have all the right options to get you through it.

Ending One: “Cat Party” (good)

Diana Hangout Event Good Ending 1

To end this you need to drink completely on The Cat’s Tale. When you meet Diana in Montstead at the beginning of The Cat’s Tales bartender search, you repeatedly say that you are here to meet the kitties. Three of the younger racers have seen the boredom of being bumped from inside and have gone to rest around the city, and you have left with Diana to find them.

After collecting cat food and a toy for the two cats, it is a matter of finding them. To trigger this particular ending, choose to follow Diana to the rooftops to find the first cat on a building towards the flower shop. Give it a cat toy and you will claim the feline friend first. Remind him that people show him to the tavern for his drinks, No cats.

To find the second cat, run after the blacksmith, where the kitty stays warm. Give it cat food and, again, Assure Diana that her special drinks attract a lot of attention for the inn.

Finally, the last catches up to find the cat. It doesn’t really matter which option you choose here; The fur baby will come to him. Break his ego once more By letting her know that no one is there for her drink, the cats will know about And you will return with all of them in hand, ending the cat party.

Ending two:

Diana Hangout Search Bad Ending 1

To unlock the spoiled end of What Kits Like Root, send yourself a kitten quest downstream. With each pet, Choose to tell Diana that cats are the main attraction of her inn – instead of its delicious drink. for the first, Tell her pussy is cute. For another, Suggests he take a signal from the lazy cat by the blacksmith. Ultimately, Tell him that getting some more cats for the inn is probably going to make more money..

Although all are responsible for the kitten, he will angrily head back on his own, instead triggering unauthorized lines that end.

Final three: “Diana’s Special” (good)

Diana hangout search draf good ending

The main good ending is asking you to try one of Diana’s famous drinks, although as you are not of legal age, it still needs to be non-phonetic. Diana runs out of key ingredients, however, so you go with her on a quest to find the hillural herbal soup to form a base for the drink.

After talking to Nimrod in Montstead at the beginning of the quest, talk to a nearby Diona and Told you want to try some special drinks. This sends you down one of the three paths with the bat. He will soon ask if you need a unique base or unique taste. Option to make Aadhaar more unique And you will be on your way to search for Hilichorn herbal soup about which rumors are heard.

Follow him into the woods until you find his father’s hunting friend, Alan, on the road. He chooses to escape from the demons as her, deepening her in the Hilichurl camp. Embrace the rock walls on the right through the camp until you discover him and his father, who himself is intoxicated by his mind. At this point you may find two different endings, so choose your tasks carefully.

To complete the quest and get your drink, You have to ask the druff to put the soup in its flask.. Although Diana will be upset with you for trusting her alcoholic father, she will whip out a loud cone for her father, to make sure she is still good enough to craft your specialty drink.

Diana and her father follow Alan back and you and he will return to Mondstad, where you will get your drink and unlock the “Diana’s Special” good ending.

Four finished: “I … was only … a little …” (bad)

Diana hangout search draf bad ending

To unlock the special ending on the A special base drink route, open the Hangout event screen, tap into Diana’s search tree, and re-trigger the dead-drink drift search. Only talk to druff at the moment The option to defeat the Hillichurls to collect their own herbal soup.

Go to the camp and check the three cooking pots until you find the goods. Take it back to Diona and her father and she will whip the drink. You will somehow convince him that once in legal age you will join the ranks of a drunkard and he will leave.

Final Five: “Last Special” (neutral)

Diana hangout search connor good ending

It stems from the self-contained end Asking for a unique taste For your drink, that sends you down instead of the special cocktailing conditioning route.

The request will send Diona on her normal mission to think that she will make a drink that will be so drunk that no one will ever want to drink again. Follow the dialogue options and you will go with Diana to catch some fish to use in your drink. After you distribute the scales, follow it and cut your slim condensate by beating two Animo Slimes.

She will soon explain that their “constitution” makes it so that no matter the ingredients used in their beverages, they all taste delicious – which is counter-productive to her grandiose plan to show the world How bad alcohol can be. Use the dialog options to Convince him to try a new technique And Connor from nearby Don Winery will easily sample his wares. Follow Diana back to the mansion to begin the long process of training Diana to make the most repulsive drink possible.

After a long conversation within the winery, the time will come to mix some drinks. Flip Connor’s tried-and-true method for drinking witch craft in the following ways:

  • A full lizard’s tail
  • All mud condensation
  • All of Butterfly Dust and Fish Scale

Low and behold, the drink will taste fantastic regardless. it’s your turn now. At this point, it doesn’t matter what method you follow. Make the drink using the method below:

  • A full lizard’s tail
  • Large amounts of mud compaction
  • A splash or butterfly dust
  • All fish scales and mucus

After two more pointless dialogue options, both will refuse the drink, proving that Diona is not able to make just one bad drink. This unlocks the Ultimate Special End. Collect rewards and achievements and you’re done.

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