Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme Kerala – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

What is Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme?

She Taxi, The Gender Park’s flagship programme, is a globally recognized initiative dedicated to empowering women economically. This ongoing project enables women to not only own but also drive their own cabs, making them fundamental partners in the arrangement.

The operations of these women entrepreneurs are efficiently managed through the She Taxi Federation, with support from a fleet operator. Discover the power of women empowerment through She Taxi!

Organisation : Kerala Department of Women & Child Development
Facility Name : Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme
Applicable State/UT : Kerala
Website :

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Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme Kerala

Introducing the groundbreaking She Taxi project, which ventured into unconventional taxi markets to empower women as entrepreneurs in a service model designed by and for women. This exceptional initiative has garnered global recognition, including a prestigious mention at the South Asian Study Tour in Gender in Transport hosted by the World Bank in Vietnam and the Chief Minister’s Award for Innovation in Public Policy in 2014.

Recently relaunched on May 11, 2020, She Taxi now welcomes a wider audience with its women-for-all approach. Its services have been expanded to cover all 14 districts of Kerala. With valuable insights gained from previous experiences, the revamp and relaunch aim to enhance the accessibility and scope of She Taxi’s offerings, enabling women drivers to contribute to diverse sectors, including driving buses, autos, and even bikes as part of public transport services.

Don’t miss out on the incredible possibilities that She Taxi brings, empowering women and transforming the transportation landscape in Kerala.

How To Book SHE TAXI?

Call: +91-7306701200, +91-7306701400

COVID-19 Support:
During the COVID-19 lockdown, She Taxi stepped up to support elderly citizens in need of medical assistance or transportation to hospitals. They provided their services free of charge to BPL citizens and at a discounted rate for others. Strict measures, including SMS (Sanitizer, Mask, and Social distancing), were implemented to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers amidst the ongoing pandemic. She Taxi’s unwavering commitment to the community during these challenging times is truly commendable.

Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme Kerala

Additional Simplified Procedure

Introducing Gender Park’s flagship program: She Taxi! Book a She Taxi for a safe and reliable ride. Experience the convenience and comfort of our unique taxi service designed to empower women. Join us in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment through every ride. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind transportation experience!

1. Local Women-Driven Taxi Services:
Explore local taxi companies in Kerala that provide services exclusively by female drivers. You can discover these options online or seek recommendations from friends, family, or local organizations.

2. Aggregator Apps with Female Driver Option:
Nowadays, leading taxi aggregator apps such as Ola and Uber have introduced a commendable feature that allows users to filter and select female drivers. This not only enhances the overall safety but also ensures a more comfortable ride experience.

To avail this option, simply look for the “female driver” or “women-only” selection within the app’s booking interface. Stay safe and enjoy a hassle-free journey!

3. Private Driver Networks:
Explore connections with local women’s communities or organizations in Kerala, as they may have networks of female drivers offering private taxi services.

This option can offer a personalized experience, but it may require prior communication and arrangement.

4. Public Transportation:
Consider using Kerala’s public transport system, such as buses or auto rickshaws, depending on your destination and schedule. While not exclusively female-driven, it offers a cost-effective and easily accessible alternative.

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