Gate Pass Management System (Personal/Vehicle Pass) Uttar Pradesh – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

The Gate Pass Management System in Uttar Pradesh, administered by the Secretariat Administration, facilitates the issuance of personal and vehicle passes for entry into the Secretariat premises. This system, introduced in 2018, operates online through a dedicated portal.
Applicants must apply online, providing details such as name, department, designation, purpose and timing of visit, and the person they are visiting. The application is then reviewed and, if approved, a gate pass or vehicle pass is issued. This system streamlines the process, enhances transparency and security, and reduces paperwork, as it stores all records digitally. For more detailed information, please visit the official website.
Organisation : Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Administration
Facility Name : Gate Pass Management System (Personal Pass / Vehicle Pass)
Applicable State/UT : Uttar Pradesh
Website :

What is Gatepass Management System?

The GatePass Management System, aligned with the UP Secretariat’s Policy of 2018, offers a streamlined process for issuing gate and vehicle passes to visitors of the Secretariat Complex in Uttar Pradesh. This system encompasses all key buildings within the complex, including Mukhaya Bhawan, Adhikari Bhawan, Bahukhandi Bhawan, Sachiv Bhawan, Bapu Bhawan, Shastri Bhawan, Yojana Bhawan, Vikas Bhawan, and Lok Bhawan. Visitors can conveniently apply for passes via an online portal, ensuring efficient and controlled access to these premises.

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Gate Pass Management System (Personal/Vehicle Pass) Uttar Pradesh
Gate Pass Management System (Personal/Vehicle Pass) Uttar Pradesh

How Will Gatepass Management System Work?

Gate pass / Vehicle pass will be issued from the online portal of Gatepass Management System to the applicant within the following steps :

1. Online Application: To obtain the gate pass / vehicle pass, the applicant should apply in accordance with their own category available on the website, thereafter sign and take a printout of it which then has to be submitted to the competent authority.

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2. After the approval by the competent authority, the applicant’s form will be submitted in the office of the Chief Reception Officer, only then the gate pass / vehicle pass will be issued by the reception officer.

Fill Online Application Form :

Important Instructions For Filling Online Application:
1. Applicants are advised to read all the instructions carefully before filling the application form.
2. Please note that the applicant will not be allowed to make any further changes once the online application is submitted. It is advisable to have an Email ID and Mobile number for future reference.
3. Once the applicant is satisfied that the information provided by him/her is in the correct order and there is no need of any further modifications, he / she can click the “I agree” button. No further changes will be accepted after this.
4. The scanned photograph and signature should be in JPG / PNG format. The digital size of the file should be more than 7 kb and less than 70 kb.
5. All supporting document uploaded by the applicant such as Identity Card, last year’s Admit Card etc should be in PDF format and less than 200 kb.
6. If applicant provides wrong information during form submission then he/she will be responsible for that

Features of GatePass Management System

Few features of GatePass Management System are:
1. Authorized officers will now be able to send an online request for their subordinate gate pass / vehicle pass, which will save time.
2. Through the Gatepass Management System, the government departments will reduce the paperwork and expenses incurred on it.
3. With the implementation of Gatepass Management System (GPMS-NP) transparency will come in the methodology of issuing pass for vehicle pass / gate pass.

Additional Simplified Procedure

The Uttar Pradesh Gatepass Management System (GPMS-NP), inaugurated in 2018 and guided by the UP Secretariat’s Policy 2018, is an innovative online platform designed for the issuance of gate and vehicle passes at the Secretariat premises in Lucknow.

This web-based application, accessible via computers and mobile devices, supports both Hindi and English languages. To utilize the service, users must first register an account on the portal by providing essential details such as name, email, and mobile number, after which they can log in and apply for the required pass.

The application form requires you to provide the following information:
** Your name
** Your department
** Your designation
** The purpose of your visit
** The date and time of your visit
** The name of the person you are visiting
** The building you are visiting

You can also upload a scanned copy of your identity card as part of the application process. After you have submitted the application form, it will be reviewed by the competent authority. If the application is approved, you will be issued a gate pass/vehicle pass. You can download the gate pass/vehicle pass from the GPMS-NP portal. The gate pass/vehicle pass is valid for a specified period of time. You must surrender the gate pass/vehicle pass at the exit gate when you leave the Secretariat premises.

The GPMS-NP has the following features:
** Online application: Applicants can apply for a gate pass or vehicle pass online through the GPMS-NP portal.
** Approval by competent authority: The application is approved by the competent authority, such as the head of the department or the officer-in-charge of the building.
** Issuance of gate pass/vehicle pass: The gate pass/vehicle pass is issued by the Chief Reception Officer (CRO) after the approval of the competent authority.
** Tracking of gate passes/vehicle passes: The status of gate passes/vehicle passes can be tracked online through the GPMS-NP portal.

The GPMS-NP has the following advantages:
Saves time and effort: The GPMS-NP eliminates the need to apply for a gate pass or vehicle pass in person. Applicants can apply online from anywhere.

Reduces paperwork: The GPMS-NP eliminates the need for paper forms and applications. All the records are maintained in digital form.

Improves transparency: The GPMS-NP makes the process of issuing gate passes/vehicle passes more transparent. Applicants can track the status of their application online.

Enhances security: The GPMS-NP helps to improve security at the Secretariat premises. Only authorized persons can enter the premises with a valid gate pass/vehicle pass.

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