Gamestry gets $5M to give games video creators a sweeter deal –

Barcelona-based gaming video platform GameStreet has raised $5 million in seed funding led by Goodwater Capital, Target Global and Kibo Ventures — turning investors’ heads over the past 12 months with a growth rate of 175x.

While (for now) the Spanish-language gaming video platform launched a few years ago in 2018, the founders last year decided to put an initial focus on curating learning content purely around gaming – allowing creators to Allowed for entertainment-focused uploading and sharing. Sports videos, too.

The Switch seems to have paid off as a growth strategy. Gametry says it now has 4M monthly active users (MAUs) and 2,000 active creators in Spain and Latin America (its main markets so far) — and is gunning to reach 20M MAUs by the end of the year.

While Twitch dominates the market for live-streaming games — catering to the esports boom — Gamestree, which says it focuses on “non-live video content,” believes there’s a dedicated on-demand There’s a difference for a video platform that better supports game-centric video creators and provides a more streamlined search experience to game fans than all the user-generated content giants like YouTube.

For game video makers, it’s swinging the carrot of better revenue share than other UGC video platforms – talking about having “a reasonable advertising revenue share model”, and adding more revenue streams “soon” for creators. ‘s plan. It also promises “complete transparency on how the monetization infrastructure works,” and a focus on supporting creators on technical issues.

So, basically, producers have often complained that YouTube fails them.

For viewers, Pitch is a one-stop-shop for finding and watching videos about games and connecting with others with a similar passion (gaming chat) – so the platform structures content around individual game titles.

The startup also claims to present viewers with better information about the video to help them decide whether or not to click on it (aka, ” Tools to help you find “quality instead of clickbait”). (Despite my admittedly untrained eye for gauging the caliber of game video content, there’s no shortage of clickbait-looking stuff on Gamestree. But I’m certainly not the target audience here…) The pitch also sounds like another little dig on YouTube.

“Despite being the de facto place to upload content, YouTube is a generic platform that is not optimized for gaming and therefore does not meet the needs of gaming creators,” the founders – brothers Alejo and Guillermo Torrence – argue: “Verticals or specialized platforms emerge whenever the market becomes so large that current platforms cannot meet the needs of their users and we believe that is exactly what is happening today. “

Target Global’s Lena Chong leads the investment of the international fund gamestory. Asked what piques his interest here, he recently linked the pace of development and the platform with scores of highly engaged game content creators in short order.

“The problem that Gamestree is addressing is that most creators don’t make much money on those platforms because they are advertising/eyeball driven businesses,” she told . “Gamestry provides a place where creators, regardless of audience size, can find new ways to engage and make a living with their audiences. This problem among creators is so great that Gamestree now has over 2k highly engaged creators who upload multiple content pieces every month and their millions of viewers to the platform.”

It certainly won’t surprise anyone to learn that the typical Gamestory user is a male, aged between 18 and 24.

The startup also told us that the “most trending” games on its platform are Minecraft, Free Fire and Fortnite, adding that “IRL (in real life) content is also very successful”.

As well as YouTube Gaming, other platforms competing for the same game-crazy eyeballs include Facebook Gaming and Booyah.

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