Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon’s set photos surface online, reveal a familiar look and feel

The first set photos from House of the Dragon have surfaced online. The series, which is a spinoff and prequel series from HBO’s Game of Thrones, is currently filming.

The set’s photographs show Emma D’RC’s Renaira Targaryen and Matt Smith’s Damon Targaryen in conversation. Although it is difficult to tell anything from the photos, it seems that the show is adhering to the aesthetic of the original.

House of the Dragon is set 300 years before Game of Thrones. As the name suggests, this house is about Targaryen, the great family we saw in Go Tea. One of the main characters, Daenerys, belonged to House Targaryen.

Targren fled to the Seven Kingdoms or Westeros from Valeria’s Doom. They established their ancestral palace at Dragonstone, a little off the coast of Weststos. They stayed that way until Aegon Targaryen and his sisters brought their empire to the Seven Kingdoms with the help of their dragons.

Miguel Sapnick and Ryan Kondal are the show-runners of House of the Dragon. Writer George RR Martin joins as an executive producer.

Paddy Considine and Olivia Cook also serve as Viserys I Taragirin Alicent Hightower respectively. Rhys Efens, Steve Toussaint, Eve Best and Sonoya Mizuno are also part of the cast. Apart from House of the Dragon, several other GoT spinoffs are reportedly under development.

9 comes from an English screenwriter named Bruno Heller, who produced the historical drama series Rome for the network. It is about Lord Corrillis Velarione or The Sea Snake, who was the head of House Velarion, and a player in the famous Dance of the Dragons event.

Another is the legend of Ronar’s princess named 10,000 Ships, from which the people of Dorn descended. According to myths, he commanded ten thousand ships, as he fled Valerie Freehold’s armies and dragons with his men. They eventually ended up on the southern region of Westeros.

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