Galaxy S21 through S21 Ultra: Everything Samsung announced today

Galaxy S21 through S21 Ultra: Everything Samsung announced today



We are at the end of the tail CES 2021 And Samsung decided to launch its next flagship Galaxy S21 line, which included the S21, S21 Plus (and S21 Plus with 5G) and S21 Ultra, which were unpacked during an already busy week. Was with the event. They start at $ 729. The launch included the Galaxy Buds Pro and SmartTrack.

The new model is all-metal and toughened glass for better durability, with a screen that supports adaptive refresh between 48 and 120 Hz and improved low-blue protection. And naturally, a trio of better cameras, and new photo processing hardware with AI. Better Bokeh! Pet Specific Mode! It adds multishot processing and skin-optimized white balance to your selfie options.

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: Our first look at Samsung’s new premium…


For video, you will be able to take 8K photos from video and shoot photos and videos simultaneously, along with a best shot mode. It adds a multicamer scene to the video, along with quick switching between them – which sounds great.

The phone has an updated processor for faster processing, also with updated hardware. Samsung worked with Unity to create game developer tools to optimize gaming.

S21 Ultra 5G has better processor, display and cameras. It has younger siblings. It has a new 108-megapixel image sensor which gives additional pixels for binning to make it a better low-light image. “Nona-binning!” “Space Zoom!” This is a new algorithm, taking advantage of the new folded lens to widen camera shake and better zoom between the telephoto and lock feature.

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Our first look at the new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus


Samsung has improved compatibility with third party services. For example, it now uses Android messages instead of rearranging through its messaging system. There is more support for Google’s Android APIs, such as Android Auto And nestWithin the SmartThings app.


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Comes in Ultra Black… Phantom Black. The new display requires low power and shifters between 10 and 120 Hz to save battery, but is great with a wide gamut. The S Pen Pro is new, with Bluetooth action and the new S Pen was made in association with Wacom.

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Samsung debuted smart tag


Samsung brings its IoT technology to the Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus (with ultra-wideband wireless), a small portable device to track anything (or anyone) that you can put on your phone with the SmartThing Find app Huh.

New Samsung Smarttag Has Lost Galaxy S21, Keys, More: Price, Sale Date, How It Works

It’s not just the phone, though. The company debuted with its Galaxy Buds Pro as well as improved sound; They add a smaller woofer for better bass. They have motion tracking sensors and Dolby audio around 360, as well as active noise cancellation. And they look very different.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are out now for $ 200



The mic is improved to be more directional and is more closed fit with tweaks to reduce wind noise.

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