Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Threw Zaya A Queenly Birthday Bash

Dwyane Wade And Gabriel Union Continue your reign as the best celebrity parent after throwing an epic birthday bag for your daughter, Zaya Wade.

The 13-year-old celebrated the occasion with a creative combination of themes: medieval and proud. In union-retweeted photos, the proud stepmother wears a cute dress and headband, while her husband sports sunglasses, a leather kilt and her new-vintage red hair.

But Zaya stole the show in a dress that screams Middle Ages with a modern twist, wearing a green velvet dress with a shimmering crown and vibrant purple braids.

“The best day !! So we are glad that we were able to make a special day for his 13th birthday.” “He was surrounded by love and had the best time!”

Zaya also shared photos on Instagram, offering the caption in medieval font, “to T shared Tᕼᗴᗰᗴ Iᔕ ᑎ O to ᗰI ᐯᗩᒪ I I KI ᗰ Oᗰ # 13.”

The birthday girl also wrote, “Stronger together, # Khushiprid.”

In a birthday post on May 29, Zaya’s actual birthday, Gabriel emphasized the strength of her stepdaughter.

“You are such an inspiration and inspiration to try and fight my butt daily,” she wrote. “When I am tired, frustrated, full of anger, I see your face and your happiness and you are living your best life and I want that for all of us. I love you so much Shemale ! You enjoy this day and love, protect, respect, admire and celebrate by knowing you daily. “

And yes, his father also had something to say.

Dwyane wrote, “You are awake and smiling upon seeing you, you walk on your truth and live your life. Your greatest gift.” “In a world where your skin color is considered a threat, you know that I am the bravest person I know and I will stand by your side until someone stands up to do it . I love you more than words. Clear, knotty. “

Zaya first appeared as a transgender in February, when Gabrielle shared an announcement on social media describing her stepdaughter as kind, loving and smart.

“It’s okay to listen, love and respect your children as they do,” Gabriel wrote. “Give love and light to good people.”

In a video accompanying the original post, Zaya opened up during a father-daughter bond.

“[For those who] Afraid that he would be judged, I’d say don’t even think about it, “said Zaya.” Just be true to yourself because, what’s the point of being on this earth if you’re gonna try and you’re going to be somebody ‘aren’t? It is as if you are not even living yourself, which is the most difficult concept for me. Be true and don’t really care what the orthodox way of being you is. “

“I know [things] Can be tough, but I think you push through it and you’re the best and especially recently, it has become more acceptable, “Zaya added to the video.” Even through difficult times, you will push through the bus. it’s worth it. I think it matters a lot when you reach that point yourself. You can look in the mirror and say hi to yourself. “

Since that time, Dwayne and Gabriel have been Zaya’s strong allies, her father also interviewed good Morning America More visible On The Ellen DeGeneres Show To discuss her daughter’s decision to remain as a proud member of the LGBTQ + community.

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