Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees Bury the Hatchet for Dreamy Extreme Duet Video

Freddie Krueger and Jason Voorhees bury Hatchet in “More Than Burns”, their new music video spoiling the extreme 1991 classic song “More Than Words”. The last time we saw these two iconic slash movie villains together, they were really tearing each other apart in scenes Freddy vs jason. Now, the typically silent Jason is slowly singing a saga to his former nomenclature as Freddy shakes the guitar using his claw hand. It is incredibly bizarre and absolutely hilarious, and you can see it below.

“Saying that I hate you is not the word I want to say to you. I’m sorry I killed you by the lake, but Lori helped me too,” Jason Voorhees tells Freddy “More Than Words “to the end of Freddy vs jason. Throughout the song, Jason makes his theatrical encounter in the 2003 crossover film, and other references from the clip Freddy vs jason For these moments are included.

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Referring to the moment when Freddy Kruger takes the form of Mrs. Voorhees in Jade’s dream, Jason says, “How dreamy it would be to show me that you’re real. More than burning, your doing was wrong, you’re mother . Real. But you can’t take away that she loves me… ’cause I already know. “

Jason recalls from some other events Freddy vs jason, As if asking, “What did you say? When I took those blades … and I corrected them through you. I’m killing you more!”

Later in the song, Jason stated that the worst part of their fight ended so badly that they were not able to return for the sequel. He sings, “What will you do? When it is no more than me it burns more than you, the soul you steal. Now my love for you is real.”

Finally, Jason says, “Who would have killed you … if I learned to swim that day? Now they can’t do anything new – Freddy vs jason 2

Shown in the video is Jason Voorhees cosplayer Scott Hemphill, also known as Steelcity Jason, with YouTuber FreddyKruegerFiles portraying the parody Freddy. Nat Well played Jason’s mother and produced the song. Asnath Wight executive produced and co-wrote. The video is dedicated to the memory of Deccan McCombs.

This parody comes from The Merkins, who have many other entertaining music videos and skits on YouTube. Some other parodies include the viral Slashstreet Boys’ songs “Slashing Bodies” and “I’ll Kill You the Way”; A spoof of Danzig’s “Mother” by Jason Voorhees; The “Achie Breaky Heart” parody by Ledface called “Sauvin ‘You Did”; And many rap songs by Freddy Krueger as well.

Certainly, this is not how the most feared fans are used to watching their favorite slasher movie villains, but the parody videos are undeniably entertaining. with On Friday the 13th The franchise continues to be implicated in another lawsuit, perhaps Jason should not find a new film making music videos on YouTube. The “More and more Burns” music video comes to us from Merkins on YouTube.

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