Frank Ocean’s Creepy Alien Baby Is an Unexpected Met Gala Accessory

Frank Ocean Brought an unusual friend with her to the 2021 Met Gala.

The boundary-pushing singer, who isn’t known for many public appearances, hit the red carpet on Monday, September 13, where her green hair appeared to resemble the color of the skin of a robot alien child. was taking with him. He also wore a silver necklace with a dark jacket over a white T-shirt.

At one point, Frank was asked the name of his “son,” to which the 33-year-old “Thinkin’ Bout You” singer replied, “Cody.” The synthetic baby was seen happily shaking his head, blinking and waving to fans as Frank cradles him.

during a chat with Keke Palmer Regarding his inspirations for the costume, Frank explained that he wanted it as a tribute to America and film magic.

“I think it’s all going through a stream now,” Frank said of how fashion and “getting myself together” have mingled with other aspects of life and entertainment.

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