Frank Grillo May Return as Leo Barnes in a New Purge Movie After The Forever Purge

Despite the report that the upcoming sequel The Forever will be a very successful film purify The franchise, star Frank Grillo, teased that this might not be the case. The actor recently said in an interview that he is currently in discussion about a sixth installment in the series, and is considering a return to the chaotic world The Purge.

“We are talking, [DeMonaco] And me, another Purge film. He did not reach me long ago and Sebastian [K. Lemercier], Producer, and they like, ‘What do you think?’ And I like, ‘What do you think?’ And they like, ‘We talked to Universal and we’ll see Leo Barnes [next] Cleanse if we can bring something great. ‘I said,’ I’m in. I’ll do it in a heartbeat. ‘

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It is worth noting Frank Grillo This information was not disclosed, meaning that she could barely contain her excitement about her involvement. Purse 4. Grillo went on to share his thoughts on the franchise, and why he thinks it has been such a big hit, once again demonstrating his passion for the project.

“Oh, is that so, [DeMonaco] Hit the button. He was associated with the Zagatists. ‘What would you do if you could get away with something for 12 hours?’, ‘What would you do with a million dollars?’ This is one of those scenarios that everyone thinks about. “Well if I had a million dollars …,” “If I could kill this man and get away with it, I would …” and so everyone could relate to it. This is extremism, the way he cuts and the way he shoots it. It is almost a cartoon. They are fun films. I think ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ is one of the best B-movies I’ve seen in a long time. Forbes magazine has written a great article about the importance of the ‘Purge’ franchise and explains what we are doing in the world. Not in our country – the world. I think [the movies are] An important point, it is an important franchise. I will do another one in a minute. “

Debuted in 2013 The Purge, Grillo did not appear until the 2014 sequel The Purge: Anarchy. Starring as Leo Barnes, Sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department, Grillo gives something serious Punisher Vibes uses Purge’s rules to hunt down the man who killed his son in a drunken driving accident. Grillo’s visuals became an immediate fan-favorite, with the actor remodeling the 2016 role The Purge: Election Year. All three films were directed by James Damonko.

This was followed by the grillo-less prequel, The first purge, Which details the origin of the annual purge, a 12-hour period once a year in which all crimes including murder, rape, and arson are legal in the US. This year Forever purge Will serve as a direct sequel to The Purge: Election Year And despite Grillo’s insistence, the franchise is being marketed as the final film. “I think that’s a great way to end it all,” DeMonaco said. “We want to end it all, I think, in this one, and I’m very excited. When I came up with the idea and offered it to everyone, they loved it, and I think It would be a really good ending. ” How do we take it home. “It comes to us from Collider.

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