Founders Factory and G-Force launch Seed program for climate-focused

UK tech accelerator Founders Factory is joining forces with a European counterpart to launch the Founders Factory Sustainability Seed Program. Launched in partnership with G-Force (G is for Green) based in Bratislava, Slovakia, the program will look to invest in and accelerate climate-tech startups.

The program will invest in entrepreneurs with startups that can reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate the transition to a circular economy, create sustainable housing and manufacturing solutions, as well as create climate-friendly mobility, food / feed production, and capturing / can address. Storage of CO2 and methane.

The program, largely run with G-Force from Bratislava, Slovakia, will be operated in a “hybrid” manner: combining remote and in-person support. The idea is that any eco-tech enterprise anywhere in the world can apply and join the program.

Founders Factory’s partner in the Sustainability Seed Program, G-Force is being supported financially by a syndicate of Central and Eastern European investors, including Boris Zelena (the figure behind AVG, which sold to Avast for $1.4 billion). ), Marion Gazdik (Startup Grind). and early-stage investors Peter Kuloi and Miklos Kobor.

Startups selected for the will will receive a seed investment of up to €150,000, six months of startup support using the Founders Factory team, as well as introductions to potential clients, partners, corporates and investors.

Henry Lane Fox, CEO of Founders Factory, said: “We are so good at creating entrepreneurs by nurturing disruption that we can create a better, more sustainable future for all. In partnership with G-Force, Founders Factory Sustainability The SEED program will be a premier pre/seed program committed to building and supporting enterprises that will have a positive impact on the world.

Marion Gazdik, Co-Founding Partner of G-Force, said: “Our ambition is to make G-Force, in partnership with the Founders Factory Sustainability Seed Program, into a world-class sustainability innovation hub located in the heart of Europe.”

Elaborating on this idea, Lane-Fox told me: “In this particular case, rather than having an alliance with an individual corporate partner, which has been our model to date, we want to bring together a group of angel investors and We’re able to make it. More of a pure financial investor game. We think it’s really better suited for this specific sector. We’ll be providing a little more capital to those companies soon to make sure they get out of this program to make the most of it.”

Gazdik said that by being based in the EU rather than the UK, the program will also be able to take advantage of some EU grant programs.

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