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Greycroft has rounded up $678 million in capital across two new funds – TechCrunch

“More than 50% Our founders are still in their current jobs, ”said John-Varianis, co-founder of seed-stage fund Unusual Ventures.

The fund, which closed a $ 400 million investment vehicle in November 2019, has seen more and more startup employees thinking about entrepreneurship as the epidemic has shown how much space there is for new innovation. In order to gain a competitive advantage, the founders are investing small checks before they become abnormal full-time.

Uncommon, which cuts an average of eight checks per year at seed-stage companies, does not give millions to every employee who decides to leave Stripe. The firm is conservative with its spending and takes a more focused approach, often embedding a member from the firm into a portfolio company. This is not for the scale of dozens of portfolio companies a year, but requires a systematic approach.

With a healthy pipeline to choose companies.

In an additional crunch live chat, Vrionis and Sara Leary, NEXTUR co-founder and the firm’s newest partner said the company had mild investment issues in its early days.

Leary said, “There were a lot of teams that needed capital to start the journey, but to be honest it would have been more than a burden.”[New founders] Want to live in a place where they have enough money to go, but not so much money that they are locked in a ladder based on expectations that they are not ready to take advantage of. “Unusual check reductions in pre-seed often range between $ 100,000 to half a million dollars.

Leary increases the upsurge of consumer behavior disruption, which opens up new companies’ winning opportunities.

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