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HouseParty, a social video app acquired by Fortnite creator Epic Games in 2019, has announced a major new step in terms of integrating these two properties: The company says it now allows gamers to streamline their Fortnite gameplay directly into the houseparty Will allow to do. This feature works by allowing users to share their gameplay with nine other friends in the houseparty room.

Also following Houseparty’s launch of a “Fortnite Mode” last November, which added a video chat feature to Fortnite, where players could watch live feeds from their friends, while gaming powered by Houseparty. Today’s launch is somewhat counter-productive, as it allows players to stream the game to friends, which is viewable only inside the houseparty. This allows friends of users – including those they cannot join themselves who are Fortnite gamers – to see and interact with the player.

To use the new feature, the Fortnite player will need to enable Fortnite mode streaming and connect to the houseparty. When they start streaming their gameplay, their friends on the houseparty will be informed that their game feed is now available for viewing.

The Fortnite player can then see who is watching their stream through a graphic overlaid on their screen that shows their “walker count”. This is represented by a small icon in the middle-left of the screen for the gamer, while houseparty users will see an eye icon in the upper-left of their video screen.

During the livestream, players and their friends can watch and chat as usual.

If a Fortnite player does not want to livestream their gameplay, they can change it at any time from the settings inside Fortnite without losing the ability to use the video chat feature. Parents and guardians can also turn Fortnite Mode and other privacy features on and off inside Fortnite’s settings. The company notes that personal information, including payment information, will be blocked by streams. However, the lobby, your menus and your gameplay can all be streamed when Fortnite mode is enabled.

Houseparty first gained traction as a way for friends to “hang out” online via video chat, but the gaming giant eventually sold Epic Games after a big round of $ 1.25 billion. So far, the houseparty has not relinquished its other social characteristics, even as it has become more closely integrated with Fortnite. The introduction of the new feature creates the ability for houseparties to capture some of the more casual livestreaming that occurs on other platforms today, such as Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, where users are not necessarily streaming to fans, but friends. for.

The company says the new feature will not offer a record function to export these livestreams for later publishing elsewhere, but note that Fortnite already offers the ability to save replays.

At launch, the integration of Fortnite gameplay with Houseparty is available only on PC and PlayStation (PS4 and PS5). Epic Games did not say whether or when other platforms would be supported. Houseparty users will be able to watch livestreams on iOS, Android and Chrome.

The previously launched video chat feature in Fortnite was also supported on PC and Playstore.

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