Former The Walking Dead Star Wants the Governor to Get His Own Movie Series

Former The Walking Dead Star Wants the Governor to Get His Own Movie Series

Probably inspired by the planned film trilogy starring Rick Grimes’s former star as Andrew Grenk The walking dead David Morrissey hopes the same will happen to him and the Governor. Ten seasons into the hit zombie drama, Morrissey’s antagonistic character from the show’s third and fourth seasons is one of the show’s most memorable celebrities. Because he only lasted one season and one-and-a-half minutes, Morrissey feels there is still more story to tell with the governor, and also a story about the character that has already been written That can be used for inspiration.

For those who do not know history, the governor was first depicted in the original The walking dead Playing the same role as the leader of the comic book series, Woodbury. When he died during his siege in prison, the governor expanded his entire backstory into a chapter book series by creator Robert Kirkman and writer Jay Bonanasingha. Described in four parts, the Governor’s original book is included in the series The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, Road to woodbury, And The Fall of the Governor: Part One And part Two.

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“Those are fantastic stories. If I returned, I would love to return, in a filmy way, to tell those stories.” David morrissey Said of the novels in a new interview with Digital Spy. “One of the great things for me was in season four when I came back, I had four episodes, and they were all mine. It was just my story. And I loved it. And I think there’s something to be told. is.” Need to be said in the novels that I think are really fascinating. “

Some would say The walking dead When the governor was the most interesting of the four, the war between Woodbury and the prison would always be one of the most memorable stories of the series. After killing most of his own followers at the end of season 3, the governor was portrayed in two episodes of his own, before being back in prison with a new army and later killed. Some references were made to those episodes Rise of governor Books, but still the story of his Woodbury days remained largely untold.

The governor may have died on the show’s fourth season, and even his biggest enemies – Rick and Michonne – are no longer portrayed as the main characters. still, The walking dead One of the most watched programs on cable TV is also going very strong, with ratings dropping. The series is enjoying some of its strongest reviews yet with critics, as Rotten has been the highest rated on the Tomatoes in the past two seasons – each currently sitting 91% fresh.

The walking dead What will the season 10 finale mean on AMC on October 4, 2020. An additional six episodes will be added in the post-2021 season, followed by season 11 shortly after. It is not clear when we can see Walking Dead Film with Andrew Lincoln, but if the project is well received when it arrives, we can just watch a Rise of governor Movie also worked with Morris one day. This news comes to us through digital spy.

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