Former BMW designer reacts to controversial new 4 Series

Former BMW designer reacts to controversial new 4 Series

Renowned automotive designer Frank Stephenson recently launched a very good YouTube channel. Not only that, he also goes to some of the cars he designed – like the original BMW X5, the Fiat’s rebirth 500 or Maserati MC12 – He also disrupts the styling of a whole bunch of other cars. The latest video, which was published earlier this week, takes a look at the new BMW 4 Series Coupe, A car that is causing much controversy for its huge grille.

It is important to note why the role of Stephenson on the 4 Series is interesting. This is a man who has spent many years designing cars for BMW, so he knows all about the internal workings of the company. Still, he admits that “it’s hard to understand” why BMW would put such a grille on one of its new cars, as it doesn’t go proportionately to the rest of the coupes. Stephenson says that the grille looks almost like a nostril, and is not a compliment. He also notes that it is strange that the design of the front license plate is not taken into consideration when designing this car. “You can’t forget about the registration plate,” he says.

Grill aside, Stephenson says the 4 Series has “good proportions”, but a lot of other things are found for the nitpick. For example, he regrets that BMW has almost eliminated the company’s iconic Hoffmeister Kink and says that “a lot is happening” at the rear. Maybe good thing BMW will keep this design exclusive to the 4 Series.

The 14 minute long video is a great watch, and Stephenson has a lot of interesting things to say about the new 4 Series. It is worth your time, and in the comments you should be certain about the design of the new 4 Series.

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