For CES 2021, Samsung’s new refrigerators embrace the custom aesthetic trend

For CES 2021, Samsung's new refrigerators embrace the custom aesthetic trend

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A term from sewing, “Bespoke” means something made for your specific needs – and it’s a pitch with Samsung’s Bespoke line of refrigerators, ready to debut globally CES 2021, a Virtual, all-digital event this year because of The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To fit the bill, bespoke refrigerators offer a fully modular design, which you can customize to your kitchen ingredients. Each of the four doors of the fridge comes in your choice, choice of material and color – including unusual options like pink and sky blue. It lets you mix and match to create a fridge that suits your personal beauty best. If you want something similar in classic black or white, great. If you like a statement fridge with burgundy refrigerator doors and navy blue freezer doors, that’s fine, too.

If you wish, you can mix and match different colors for each of the different doors on Samsung’s bespoke refrigerator.


He borrows a page from the international playbook, as refrigerators all over Europe and Asia There are long-proposed options and many color options for modular design.. In fact, Samsung was the first to introduce the Bespoke lineup For the European market in 2019, Even though Americans will see this year with a greater number of size and color options than that. With the line’s global expansion, Samsung is making a cautious bet that American consumers are willing to pay a premium for unique, eye-catching fridge designs as well.

For features, each of the new Bespoke models borrows Samsung’s 4-Door Flex Design, Which divides the device into four quadrants. Color-wise, your choices for each of the four doors are: Navy Steel, Champagne Steel, Black Matte, White Glass, Gray Glass, Beige Glass, Pink Glass, Sky Blue Glass, Burgundy Glass and Navy Glass.

The top two sections serve as refrigerators and the lower two serve as freezers, but you get the option to dial the bottom right section temperature and use it as an additional fridge if necessary. This is a high-end feature worth considering, but it is not new.

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The water dispenser is located inside the left refrigerator door, right next to a handy, auto-filling pitcher.


Known for the same water pitcher, a feature I loved Premium Samsung Fridge From Previous Years. Although this has been done before, Samsung claims that the pot is better integrated with in-door water dispensers in these bespoke models. There is also a new, deodorizing UV filter for air inside the fridge, which fits an expected trend of new products that incorporate germ-killing ultraviolet light into their designs. Just note that Samsung is not making any claims about killing germs at this point. This is a contrast with LG, which placed a UV sanitizer inside the water dispenser Its new fridgeWith the promise of killing 99.99% of bacteria.

Meanwhile, Bespoke Freezer’s ice-making company can change from standard ice cubes to nougat-style “ice baits” for those who enjoy a drink with chewable ice. It’s a nice upgrade, and honestly, I’m surprised that Samsung beat GE to the punch here, given the popularity of that company Opel Nougat Ice Maker.

Samsung is not sharing any specifics on pricing or availability here in January, but it’s safe to assume that they won’t be cheap when they arrive later this spring. We will probably learn more about CES after it hits – if I get to hear anything else, I’ll update this story.

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