Floribama Shore Stars Nilsa Prowant and Gus Gazda Are Engaged

Floribama Shore Stars Nilsa Prowant and Gus Gazda Are Engaged

The Mom-to-Be shared a photo of herself and Gus, with the caption, “Baby Gazed May 2017 Come May 21.”

A few days later, Nils announced the sex of her baby with a cute video. He said, “Our face says it all! I can’t help but to think that my father had a hand in it,” he shared, “Our baby boy has been a saving grace for me. When I am Was at the lowest point then I found out. Was hoping. “

“It was a reminder that my dad is still with me and does not want my life to stop,” she continued, “but with this child, this is just the beginning for Gus and I know that my dad is on my side.” Looking down together. ” Biggest smile. “

It is not clear when Nils and Gus’ love story began, however, they made their romance official in 2019. In February that year, they ended their relationship in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

“I used to dream about the day when I was able to feel so deeply in love that I could feel it in my bones, and now it’s here and I’m possibly in some other way of life Can’t imagine … “, he wrote at the time. “Every heartache [sic] It was worth going to you. “

On the MTV show, Gus is referred to by Nils as “Gus 2.0”, as he is the second Gus he has dated in recent years. As Floribama Shore Fans will remember, he had a relationship with her again, again castmate Gus Smirnios.

However, it looks like “Gus 2.0”. Gus was there for him!

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