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Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs: Conventional wisdom holds that gold should be allowed to lie. But no one says you are barred from keeping tabs on them when they do. New York-based smart caller maker Fi today announced that it is adding sleep to the device’s list of tracking devices.

The added feature uses the collar’s onboard motion sensing to monitor your best friend’s sleep during the day and night (and will almost certainly make you jealous at how much shut-eye they’re getting ).

The information is presented on a timeline that should be familiar to anyone who has used the human equivalent. It also offers a live check-in to see what the dog is doing during the day while you’re at work (assuming you ever go back to the office).

Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs

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The goal here is to offer some shareable metrics about your pet that could point to underlying health issues, whether it’s getting too much sleep, not getting enough or frequent trips to the water bowl in the middle of the night . Sudden changes also present potential red flags for a dog’s health.

“We are excited to move into holistic health tracking that empowers dog parents to take the best care of their pets,” said founder and CEO Jonathan Bensamoun in a release. “If your dog can’t tell you when it’s tired, Fi will. Fi can answer important questions, such as ‘Is my pet sleeping correctly?’ or ‘Has its activity level decreased recently?’ It’s time for much earlier and more serious issues to develop.”

Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs – TechCrunch
Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs

Fi raised $30 million back in February and is working to expand its reach in the US, including a recent distribution deal with mega-online pet supply seller, Chewy.

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