First Cruella Footage Has ‘Disney’s Joker’ Trending on Social Media

Soon after the first Cruella trailer was released, “Disney’s Joker” started trending on social media. In director Craig Gillespie’s upcoming film, Stone portrays a smaller version of the antagonist animated from the 1961 film One Hundred and One Dalmations. In the dastardly character’s original story, Fry is in many ways reminiscent of Todd Phillips and Joalin Phoenix Joker, And the most common response is the phrase “Disney’s Joker” Cruella Trailer.

“This is basically Disney’s clown,” one fan said on Twitter, clearly, echoing thousands of other tweets in response to the viewing Emma Stone In her black and white cruella de ville wig.

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I certainly wasn’t expecting Disney to be the Joker, but honestly, I’m here for that, “explains another fan.” I think Emma Stone will have the role herself. Cruella, And I liked some of the scenes in this trailer. Craig Gillespie seems perfect for this story. “

“Finally, Disney’s Joker,” jokes another fan, including a meme to stress the similarities between the two films.

Another fan says, “I see Disney Joker Trending and all I can say is that if the film is getting as good as the Joker movie, then it is good. Hopefully it does well and can’t wait to see Emma’s performance as Kramma. “

While a Joker– On such a basis some fans have become conscious, others have not been so thrilled about the idea. One Disney fan writes, “I’m willing to give #Cruella a bit of grace, at least for the cool beauty, but it really feels like Disney’s clown and they’re trying to turn on a woman Whose primary inspiration is PUPPER MURDER.

with Joker Comparison, Cruella The trailer is reminding other DC fans of Harley Quinn. In addition to serving as a strong female character, the red, white and black color in the footage of the comparison trailer is also due to Cruella Adorn. However, many Harley fans do not seem to appreciate these comparisons, realizing that birds of prey Cruella will be remembered for her mistreatment of dogs.

As written in a tweet, “Why are they trying to kill a puppy in Harley Quinn ??? I swear that Darella is one of the last Disney villains that you can turn into an anti-hero of misunderstanding. She There is a rich woman who kills those who cry. Please. She does not need charming and charismatic improvisation. “

And another Harley fan said, “I love a good villain. But it seems to me that Disney doesn’t understand that the rich woman whom the little puppies tried to assassinate completely disappeared. Done, some Harley Bean-esque punk not a female lol. “

Cruella Set in London in the 1970s, Stone starred as young fashion designer Estella de Vil. An original story, the film tells how she suffers from dog skins, especially Dalmations, until she finally gives birth to a ruthless and terrible legend known as Cruella. Along with Stone, the film also stars Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser and Emily Bechem. Craig Gillespie directs using the screenplay of Dana Fox and Tony McNamara.

However, in any case, people can feel the comparison between Joker and Harley Quinn. Cruella The trailer is definitely talking to a lot of people. We’ll all be able to see how close the film really feels Joker or birds of prey When it releases in theaters on May 28.

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