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first-check myths, Miami relocation checklist, standout SaaSy startups – ClearTips

This may sound like a good time to launch a SaaS startup, but according to Fika Ventures seed-stage investor John Chen, the landscape is filled with well-designed applications that offer “flashy, fast and pleasantly simple” experiences. Promises.

Most SaaS startups will fail, but not because of sour marketing campaigns or server downtime. Most of these companies call the chain the “myth of frictionless onboarding”.

Despite the hype about ease of use, enterprise companies always ask customers to leave devices familiar so that they can learn something new.

“Like a new fitness program, participants feel good after completing a workout, but it takes a lot of activation energy to start and work hard to get there,” Chen notes.

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Rather than putting customers up their sleeves to take responsibility, they suggested that SaaS startups learn from the cryptocurrency culture and find ways to “encourage users to do the work necessary to get the right experience”.

But how do you encourage users to put in the time and effort required to create an optimal customer experience?

“In a world where there is a surplus of options for doing every job, scarce resource is not material, tooling or hacks and tricks,” says Chen. “This is meditation.”

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To debunk the myths surrounding raising your first check

Full length view of a young girl carrying a large pink block against a white background

Image Credit: Claus weedfeld (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

As startups and venture capital grow together, fundraising has gone from a formal relationship on Sand Hill Road to a process that can take place anywhere from Twitter to Zoom.

While fundraising may no longer require a trip to California, it may depend on whether you have received an invitation to a private audio app. And while you may not need to be an insider, other times the founders – largely male and white – still have a competitive advantage.

The increasing complexity of fundraising has the opportunity to make technology inclusive or exclusive.

VC is an attractive gold medal, but the rapid growth of emerging fund managers means that first checks can be piecemeal together from various sources. Financing options seem endless: syndicates, public crowdfunding, VC firms, accelerators, debt financing, rolling funds, and, for some profitable ones, bootstrapping.

Doximity’s S-1 can explain why warming up outside healthcare

Image Credit: Nigel Sussman (Opens in a new window)

Telehealth startup Doximity filed to go public earlier today. Notably, the company has not raised funds since 2014, a year in which it attracted under $ 82 million, at a valuation of $ 355 million, per Pitchbook data.

How was it successful in not raising money for so long? By generating lots of cash and profit over the years. HealthTech Communications, it turns out, could be a lucrative endeavor.

What Vimeo’s growth, profits and value tell us about the online video market

Image Credit: Abhishek Das / Sopa Images / Lightrocket via Getty Images

The spin-out of the video platform Vimeo from the IAC was completed this week, and the small company is now trading as an independent entity under the ticker ‘VMEO’.

If you missed the news that the Internet group is phasing out video service, don’t feel bad; It slipped through several radars. But the company is now trading, we have access to its historical results, and our mind is still thrilled with YouTube’s recent financial performance for Alphabet, it’s worth a moment to digest the company’s health.

Flywire’s flotation suggests IPO slowdown is behind us

Image Credit: Nigel Sussman (Opens in a new window)

The Flywire IPO is tidy from a financial standpoint and is notable as opposed to another New York or San Francisco-based flotation to exit Boston. It is good to see some other cities putting marks on the board.

But more than this, this IPO is a useful measure to monitor the IPO market as a whole. This year and final year are taking shape as important exit periods for startups and unicorns of all shapes and sizes; Many venture capital fund returns rest on these public debuts.

Dear Sophie: Any unique immigration strategy for quick recruitment?

The only figure at the entrance of the labyrinth hedge with an American flag in its center

Image Credit: Bryce Durbin / ClearTips

Dear Sophie,

I recruit for Tech Startups. With the increase in VC investment, many startups are hiring immediately.

Which visa provides the fastest option for international talent? Is there any unique strategy that you would advise us to explore?

– Maverick in Milpitas

7 Questions to Ask Before Moving Your Startup to Florida

A photo of an art deco style building in Miami with pastel gradient colors

Image Credit: Artful debate (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Cities such as Miami, Pittsburgh and Austin have been attracting talent and money from Silicon Valley for years, but the COVID-19 epidemic intensified the trend.

In recent months, many investors and entrepreneurs have left for Miami, citing the region’s favorable business environment and quality of life.

It is always good to consider one’s options, but before booking a moving van for the Sunshine State – or for any emerging tech hub – here are some basic questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves.

Vice CEO Sameer Vasavada and Sequoia’s Sean Maguire break the art of the pitch

Image Credit: Sequoia Capital / Wolfe + Vaughan / ClearTips

In just a few years, Vice has gone from launching on the stage to disrupting the battlefield to a unicorn. Co-founders Sameer Vasavada and Runik Mehrotra met Sequoia’s Sean Maguire after a party at the event, and Maguire led the Seed and Series A rounds, while Sequoia led the Series B.

Last week, Vice raised its series to C $ 65 million and officially valued it at $ 1 billion post-money.

We talked to the pair about the initial fundraising process for Vice, what Vasavada learned about delivering a good fundraising pitch, and what was special about the pitch and product for Maguire.

Acorn’s SPAC list depicts a consumer fintech business with a SaaSy revenue mix

Image Credit: Nigel Sussman (Opens in a new window)

Another day, another unicorn public offering.

On Thursday, it was Acorn, a consumer fintech service that blends savings and investment in a freemium product.

Acorn fits within the large savings-and-investment boom seen in the last four or five quarters as consumers turn to cash to hide and increase their equity investment pools, affected by the economic changes brought about by COVID-19.

This is old news so far, but we do not have a clear picture of the economics of consumer fintech startups accelerated by the epidemic. Now that Acorn has decided to list via SPAC – more on that in a moment – we do.

Poor onboarding is the enemy of good hiring

Image of a person talking to two coworkers through video conferencing.

Image Credit: Olga Stralnikova (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

The world of hybrid work is here, and normally a 10-minute intro call, swag bag and first day team lunch are not enough to welcome your new employee.

While many companies have found a way to interview and select candidates in completely remote environments, some have spent time and resources to align the “pre-boarding” and onboarding process to the new hybrid world of work Huh. Despite our completely changed work environment, many employers still rely on old ways of welcoming new employees.

It is important to capitalize on the enthusiasm and eagerness of the candidates from the moment the offer is signed, rather than when they log in on the first day, as the first impression may make or spoil a candidate’s chances of staying in the company. is.

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