Final Fantasy XIV Matoya’s Relict Dungeon Boss Guide

To check in after a stop Final Fantasy XIVThe legend of Seventh Dawn, figures from Elisai, suggests that he may use the lessons he learned to heal the victims of The Year to cure The Temper of The Source. To do this requires lost Allagan knowledge, some early computer science, and, most importantly, Porcise – a little piggy capable of holding an abundance of Akalars.

It takes time and energy to make single porkies, which leads us to the true Master Matoya, a dusty old workshop just outside of Idyllshire, good enough to enable a master porcini to make a steady supply is. Having remained untouched for 15 years, the place is crawling with carefree magical creatures. How to beat the bosses of Matoya’s relief.


FFXIV Matoya's Relief Boss Guide Mudman

This creepy-looking construction takes you to squash with essentially large balls of dung. Thankfully the arena easily maintains a drainage system that is perfect for removing garbage-dung shells, not mudras.

Apart from the usual Tankbuster (Hard Rock) and Red-Wide Damage (Stone Age), this battle has only one real mechanic – Pete Pelt. When Mudman uses petrified peat, four dung balls fall into the arena. Avoiding the impact areas is the easy part.

Before long, the boss will cast Pete Pelt, setting a ball on each party member that, after a few seconds, will flow towards them, greatly damaging anyone on the way.

All you need to do is line up here with one of the four drainage holes on the outer edges of the walkway, anyone likely to get crushed by the ball on the way. Once the ball is inflated, it lands in the drainage hole and is removed from the field. Some holes will later be blocked by Mudmon clones, so keep that in mind.

Each player is going to take damage from their respective ball, so he will need to be healers ready, but any extra collision will make almost anyone do some doom magic for the tank, so aim your ball well.


FFXIV Matoya's Relief Boss Guide Nixie

After all, dirt and chimes, a shower is just what you need, and Nixie is happy to provide a wash. This boss has a unique tankbuster (Crash-Smash) that attacks from around the arena.

You need to steer clear of incoming shots to avoid any unnecessary extra treatment, so tether cannot be “taken” to show to anyone but anyone. To cement that idea, every other player in the meantime gets a red marker to deal with later – the two of you won’t survive.

But this is not the main mechanic of this owner. It boils shower power and pewter paper.

Shower power (picture) is a linear strike from three of four random jets on one side of the arena with more red markers to be managed later on a single axis.

The second is a simple case of the boss taking a jet of water up to the clouds when it leaves the arena and wipes out the group with a powerful water blast before generating some too much water. Don’t worry, we haven’t really seen this happen. All in all, it is an owner that can be burned almost too fast. There’s probably another mechanic out there that it doesn’t really manage to shut down.

Mother Porcy

Relief boss of FFXIV Matoya guides Mother Porcy

what a surprise. After quickly cooking an entire ham, the fantastic battery goes a little crazy. As per the advice of Master Matoya, you can teach it who is in charge. Time to beat some meat. No wait…

Huff and Puff are the main mechanics of this fight. You will see it in two flavors – on the ground and in the air. When the boss runs towards the arena with this spell, there is a safe zone in the middle and a knockback comes in your way. Either hug the boss as he resolves or, if you are a tinted square, sit in the center and give it time with Surecast.

After this, the boss can sometimes insert a meat mallet, which slams the opposite end of the area for proximity-based damage. If so, you can still do as much damage as possible at the huff and puff location, and you should automatically be as far away from the impact area as possible – where you will be in the main position. Fight against the next mechanic: Barbeque .

Once he jumps to the Meat Mallet, his barbeque sets up a hot area behind the skill area. She will attempt to suck you in for a time, forcing you to back and forth while leaving behind field attacks. You can fight the current but cannot move forward. You only have to stay away from attacks and hope you don’t eat too much.

With this, she will return to the arena. Shake her from about 40% to 50-% HP, and she will fly to cast a modified huff and puff. Defeat the add, and you’ll be thrown into the sky, where you’ll be able to see where the knockback is coming from. This time there is no Meat Mallet, just individual red markers from Open Flames. Stay alive and beat it.

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