Check the details about the February Tax Rebate Canada 2024: Types of Accessible Tac Rebates in February and Amount here. Canadians facing challenges can apply for the February Tax Rebate Canada. They must consider the minimum balance for receiving the payment; otherwise, the authorities will cancel the application. Confused? Read the article further to get the latest information.

February Tax Rebate Canada 2024

As the new fiscal year is approaching, Canadians have started filling out the tax returns for the previous year’s expenditure. The tax credits have been stated from the middle of January. The Federal Government authorities will verify the applications and provide the tax refunds to the eligible candidates.

The rebates are the returns offered on the tax returns and the credit paid by the citizens during the previous year. The applicants who have completed the tax returns on time and have no pending dues by the end of March will receive the rebates. The rebates are generally under four categories. Scroll down to learn more about the February Tax Rebate Canada.

Types of Accessible Tax Rebates in February

The citizens will be provided with the rebates of the tax return paid under the GST/HST, carbon, and grocery rebates. The Quebec sales is the provincial credit issued by the state authorities.

All the citizens are not eligible to receive the province’s rebate. The details about the Accessible Tax Rebates have been summarized in the below section.

February Tax Rebate Canada

GST/HST Tax Rebates

The tax rebate is issued on the Consumer price index of the services and the goods purchased for the personal or commercial space. With the increase in the cost of living, the GST/HST prices increased last month.

The citizens who have filled the returns with the increment in the credit will receive the additional rebate based on the returns filled. The single taxpayer is entitled to receive $496 and the couple can receive around $650.

Carbon Tax Rebates

The rebates are based on the carbon taxes paid by the citizens during the winter season. As the winter was at its peak, the families required carbon and the other fuels form heat the houses. As the business demand for carbon increased, the amount of the tax for carbon peaked in many provinces.

Northern Ontario has faced the highest peak for carbon and fuel this year due to the carbon tax policy. The interest rate for the carbon taxes has been raised by 3 percent this year. The rebate typically ranges from $225 to $650. The rebate is issued on the 15th day of each quarter.

Grocery Tax Rebates

The effects of inflation have been observed on the consumer price index for the grocery and the other basic requirements. The country has faced a shocking increase in the cost of living during the first two months of this year.

The amount of the grocery was recorded to be the highest for over the decade. The payment for the grocery rebate is a one-time payment. The expected date for this year’s rebate is 5th July 2024. The amount of the rebate will be in the range of $225 to $665.

Quebec Sales Tax Rebates

The Sales Rebate is managed by the state authorities. The Quebec sales tax is the same as GST/HST taxes. The returns are filled for the services and the products purchased in the province for the business purpose.

The small business should generate minimum revenue to receive the rebate. By filling out the Online 459 form, the candidate can claim the rebate. The rebate is disbursed with the GST/HST tax credits.

Amount of February Tax Rebate

The amount of the tax rebate is expected to be increased by 10 percent. The payment date for the rebate is discrete. The amount of the rebates for the February month is discussed in the below table:

Rebate Name

Rebate Amount

GST/HST Tax Rebate

$496 to $650

Carbon Tax Rebate

$225 to $650

Grocery rebate

$225 to $665

Quebec Sales Tax Rebates

More than $225

The applicants who have not received the amount of the rebate for GST/HST and the Quebec Sales tax in January will be receiving the amount of the rebate by 5th February 2024.

The general date of the carbon tax credit was 15th January 2024. The applicants who have not yet received the amount due to any circumstances will be receiving the paychecks by 15th February 2024.

The application for the grocery rebate will be initiated from the second week of February, as the rebate is a one-time deposit, the candidates are advised to check out the application and register at the earliest


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