The FBI has recently acknowledged sighting UFOs in northeastern New Mexico. American Airlines Flight 2292 was flying from Cincinnati to Phoenix this Sunday when the pilots noticed something strange over them, which they immediately reported. The news is that it was recently revealed that the CIA would release all its UFO data to the public in the coming months, only then a decent portion of it would be released.

An American Airlines pilot radioed an unknown air traffic controller over the weekend to alert him to something unusual in New Mexico airspace. He asked if he had “any goals here.” The pilot went on to add, “We just had something right at the top. I hate to say it but it looked like a long cylindrical object that almost sounded like a cruise-missile type of thing. Really Was moving fast and walked. Topped us. “While the obvious answer points towards military missile testing, this time it is not so.

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American Airlines flight 2292 was near the Army’s White Sands missile range, but the United States military has denied that the unknown object was one of theirs. The FBI was immediately informed of the UFO, which they have confirmed. However, they are not giving too much information about it. “Although our policy is neither to confirm nor deny the investigation, the FBI works consistently with our federal, state, local and tribal partners,” the organization said in a statement. Now, ideas are being diverted to another area in New Mexico: Roswell.

A spokeswoman for the Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque said, “We have no information about this. We don’t know anything when we ask about seeing UFOs over the weekend.” Additionally, there is no other evidence of military testing on the ADS-B (automatic dependency-transmission) log. As those American Airlines pilots observed, it remains a mystery as to whether the FBI is currently investigating. Regardless, with Roswell passing, UFO enthusiasts are tilting the object towards alien technology. Texas resident Steve Dougall recorded the cockpit audio, which has been officially confirmed by American Airlines, and he says, “So whatever it came to that fast, over and right above them, that gave them a huge fear that They had to report it “

Steve Douglas said that the United States military informs the FAA when they are experimenting in the sky. Whatever this object was, it was fast approaching the plane, and almost at the head, by the sound of things. Douglas asks, “If the military cannot tell what it is, what is happening there that we don’t know about?” The news of the New Mexico UFO was first reported by Steve Douglas’s Deep Blue Horizon blog. The FBI has encouraged all UFOs to watch, although they are not required to disclose their information.

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