Fat Thor Is No More as the God of Thunder Gets Ready to Sweat in New Set Images

Certainly . there was something about Thor: Ragnarok Which captured the imagination of fans more than its predecessor Thor: The Dark World – which I didn’t mind at all, but consider by many to be the weakest in the MCU franchise. Was it a change of style, with a more colorful visual presence and less serious tone, or simply that Thor seemed more fun to be around because he shared the joke with Bruce Banner/Hulk, it seems New leaks reveal that Thor’s look may be getting another makeover Thor: Love and Thunder. And all this even more going on in the ’80s.

While new photos published in British newspaper The Daily Mail show no interest in regards to the film’s plot, it does give us a pretty good look at Mighty Thor wearing a training outfit consisting of a black vest, gray sweatpants and black boots. , which is gracefully finished off by a red and white wristband and headband. The photos were taken while Hemsworth filmed the scenes at Centennial Park in Sydney. So it seems that like Party Thor, we don’t have the sporty Thor. I’m sure we’re only a few days away from starting a pop group.

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while on set, Chris Hemsworth He was joined by one of his twins, although it is not clear from the photos which twin it is. While Thor has a slew of fans, and Hemsworth himself has seen its popularity rise since playing the character, he recently revealed that despite being liked by many, Thor is still bested by Superman. when it comes to the preferences of their children. Last week, Hemsworth shared a photo on Instagram, joking that he was glad he had other sons. When he asked one of them what they wanted to be when they grew up, the answer was, “Superman.”

Thor: Love and Thunder just finished filming this week, and is expected to follow the same formula as the previous outing, with the usual narrative twists and turns, jokes and one-liners as well as some bright catchy scenes and, because it Taika Waititi’s film again, no one can tell what kind of retro references and ’80s pop and rock melodies will grace us this time. I mean, come on, we still clearly miss Led Zeppelin immigrant Song Thor realized that he was the god of thunder and did not have hammers in the final battle. ragaroki.

written below avengers: endgame, there was always a question as to what Thor will look like when he returns for his fourth solo outing, and these photos seem certain that his endgame Personality is well and truly placed behind him, while it may well be that this ’80s workout video looks exactly what he’s looking for — Thor flexes his muscles through some tricky squats and lots of sweat. Returning the best. I’m sure many won’t complain about that, but it has to be said that if some sort of workout video montage isn’t involved – perhaps with a mixtape on the boombox with Star-Lord as head coach – then I’m going to I am deeply disappointed at the missed opportunity. We’ll find out how it all happens when Thor: Love and Thunder Comes in theaters in May 2022.

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