Fantastic Four Jennifer Lawrence as Sue Storm Rumor Gets Debunked

Jennifer lawrence and Fantastic Four The rumors may have just been debunked. Over the weekend, a report about Lawrence began circulating about joining the cast of the long-awaited film Sue Storm. Lawrence is no stranger to the world of Marvel comics after portraying Mystique at Fox X Men In films, that sparked rumors of the actress rejoining Marvel. However, it now appears that the initial report may not have been accurate.

According to Deadline reporter Justin Kroll, Fantastic Four The film is still in its early stage of development, meaning it is nowhere near the casting stage. He points out that Marvel Studios has only begun collaborating with writers for the project, which means that Jennifer Lawrence It may not have started negotiations with the studio yet. The original rumor suggested that Fantastic Four Is preparing to film in Australia in the very near future with Lawrence to participate with Lawrence.

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while Fantastic Four Early in development, its director, John Watts, is currently filming Spider-Man 3. While Marvel Studios always has multiple projects going on simultaneously, it seems almost impossible for Watts to start working on the film on it. point in time. Most recent Spider Man The film still has more filming to be done and then it will go into the post-production phase to meet the release date later this year. Unless Watts is a mute multitasker himself, it seems that Fantastic Four Rumors are short lived.

As did Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Soo Storm, the rumor caused some divisive reactions from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. Some believe that the Academy Award-winning actress is not just a good fit, while others think that she would be the right choice to help bring the character back to the big screen again. Lawrence had some unpleasant times on the set X Men Movies and she was not shy in accepting it. That being said, her grip had to do with the sheer amount of makeup she had to wear as a Mystique, not a role.

Another handicap and upcoming casting for MCU fans Fantastic Four The film has his own casting ideas. John Stronsky’s Mr. Fantastic as Emily Fantastic and Emily Blunt as Sue Storm are taking over the project, as it was also officially announced. When rumors surfaced that Jennifer Lawrence was going to take part, fans were disappointed that Blunt did not get the role. For now, it looks like that role, along with all the rest, are still for Graves, and it’s going to be very interesting to see who Marvel Studios picks. Lawrence rumors first started Justin Kroll’s Twitter Accounting.

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