Fans React to Nicole Kidman Casting in I Love Lucy Biopic, They Want Debra Messing Instead

Fans are not really supposed to play Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin in Nicole Kidman’s view I love Lucy Movies. Instead, fans want Debra Messing to play the role. It was just announced that Kidman and Javier Bardem are in talks to play the role of Ball and Desi Arnaz in Sorkin Being ricardo. The film takes place during a week of production I love Lucy The sitcom as Arnaz and Ball went into a crisis that could derail their relationship and their career. Now, fanking has begun, and Kidman is nowhere near the top pick.

Debra Messing Played the role of Lucille Ball in an earlier episode Will and grace. Social media immediately got excited at the idea of โ€‹โ€‹Messing taking a role in a future biopic because of how good he was. Messing has been compared to Ball for his career, not just because of his red hair and facial features. Two comedians are also known for physical comedy, and I love Lucy Fans want him to work for Nicole Kidman Become ricardo. Messing said about the effect that Lucille Ball Was on her career.

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“I grew up in East Greenwich, RI, which I refer to, at least when I was growing up, as rural suburbs. I lived on four acres and we used to play. Gilligan’s Island Around a swamp. This is what we did for fun. And we used to go next door and watch horses being born. So it was an incredibly small town experience, and TV was my life, being able to escape into other worlds. and it was I love Lucy That just really lit me up. Obviously I have many others who have inspired me over the years – Carole Burnett, just a long list – but Lucille Ball is far and far away for me that I just have an emotional attachment to it. “

No one uses words with their opinions on Twitter Being ricardo. “Seriously. Pick up God’s call and call Debra Messing right f *** ing.” Others believe that Nicole Kidman is a great actress, but is not just the right choice to portray Lucille Ball. Another fan says, “Lucille Ball was all about humor, almost elastic, facial expressions. And while Nicole Kidman is talented and beautiful, she … well … can’t move her face.” ” It is clear that social media does not think Kidman is the right choice for the role.

if I love Lucy Fans keep it up, we can see Debra Messing very well Become ricardo. It happened to Ahso Tano Mandalorian When Star wars Fans started talking about what kind of character Rosario Dawson would play in the live-action setting. Plus, Nicole kidman And Javier Bardem is only in conversation at the moment. Cate Blanchett was originally in talks to play the role of Lucille Ball, but apparently fell through those talks. Another fan says, “I love Nicole to the end but Debra Messing is too good for it and I’ll skip it altogether!”

As of this writing, Debra Messing has yet to respond to her fainting Become ricardo. That being said I love Lucy Fans are not in Xavier Bardem as Desi Arnaz and think that Rise of skywalker Star Oscar Isaac would be the right choice, as he has shown his comedic side on more than one occasion. In addition to Debra Messing, social media has also brought in Isla Fisher to handle Nicole Kidman Become ricardo. Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce Become ricardo Casting. You can check some support for Debra Messing below.

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