The most famous YouTuber, Sagar Sinha, knows how to become a motivational speaker

If you have even a little connection with social media, then you must definitely recognize Sagar Sinha. Sagar is a famous motivational speaker. Sagar is originally from Bhagalpur, Bihar. Currently, Sagar lives in Delhi. Sagar has had to work very hard to reach where he is today. Only then has he reached this position today. Therefore, in this article, we will share with you the struggle-filled story of Sagar Sinha.

The manager threw Sagar out of the company.

Sagar had studied engineering and was working for a company at a salary of around Rs 30 thousand. However, two months before his wedding, he planned to discuss his marriage plans with the company manager. Unfortunately, before he could do so, the manager fired him, citing the closure of the project. Initially, Sagar felt devastated, but this event turned out to be a turning point in his life. Sagar soon secured a new job with a direct salary of Rs 45 thousand per month.

But this was not the only instance. Sagar faced a similar situation once again, losing his job once more. However, he quickly secured another job, this time with a salary of Rs 1.5 lakh per month. Around this time, Sagar became aware of emerging trends in the market, particularly in technical fields. Inspired by this, he launched a YouTube channel dedicated to business ideas, network marketing training, and motivational content. The channel gained significant traction and support, with Sagar receiving positive feedback on his videos. Within a few months, it amassed thousands of subscribers.

Sagar Sinha

Success is achieved through failure.

As we all know, behind success are many failures. Sagar Sinha also has a similar story. Sagar started a network marketing business with some of his close friends. For this, they all invested their money and even left their jobs. But it is said that luck is not on your side all the time. Something similar happened with sagar also. This time, Sagar’s business suffered a huge loss. The company also had to be closed. After all these things, all the friends who were associated with Sagar held Sagar responsible for these things. The relationship also ended there. Now Sagar had come to zero again. This was a time when he neither had a job nor his business was closed.

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He took help from YouTube in bad times.

Sagar started his YouTube channel some time ago and initially received a very good response. However, he gradually reduced his activity on YouTube. When he became active on YouTube again, he faced disappointment as his videos didn’t perform as well as he expected. Unsure of his next steps, Sagar turned to posting videos on Facebook, where he found success and rapidly grew his followers. Simultaneously, his YouTube channel started gaining traction again. At this point, Sagar hadn’t explored Instagram. Once he started posting motivational reels on Instagram, he achieved significant success. Today, Sagar has 2.8 million followers on Facebook, 1.5 million subscribers on Instagram, and 2.22 million subscribers on YouTube.

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A motivational seminar started.

Sagar Sinha also started motivation sessions in the initial phase of YouTube. For this, he was the first to organize a seminar. Sagar’s wife fully supported him in this. Now it was time to fix the price of the seminar ticket. They set the ticket price at Rs 300. But for a few days, no one booked a single ticket. At this time, he felt that the show would not be possible. However, bookings started two days before the seminar. Sagar’s first seminar itself was housefull. This was a big thing for him. Nowadays, Sagar goes to different cities and conducts seminars. Sagar also has a very strong fan following. If you want to hear this entire story from Sagar himself, then visit Josh Talks’ YouTube channel.

Some special achievements

Today, Sagar Sinha runs a YouTube channel, and he also owns Empowering Brain Pvt. Ltd., a company. So far, Sagar has given more than 5,000 talks in seminars across the country. He has revolutionized the world of sales and marketing, providing training to people to help them achieve success in their lives. Sagar has also designed many courses from which you can learn a lot. You can find all this information on Sagar’s website.

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